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Dying Father Walks Down The Aisle With 11-Year-Old Daughter [Video]

dying father and his daughter

A dying father who knows he won’t be around for his daughter’s wedding was surprised by a photographer who arranged an elaborate wedding setup so that he can walk his daughter down the aisle before he dies. 62-year-old Jim Zetz is a terminally ill stage IV Pancreatic Cancer patient. Zetz, who has been given only… Read more »

Mother Stops Own Daughter’s Kidnapping With Shotgun

Mother Stops Own Daughters Kidnapping With Shotgun

Fresno County, CA – A woman fought and chased off her own daughter’s would-be kidnapper with a shotgun on Tuesday. Fresnobee reports that a man broke into the Brianne Rodriguez’s house on the 8000 block of South Maple Avenue at around 8:39 am. She desperately fought the assailant inside her home, even while being continually… Read more »

[Study] Hate Your Mom? That Might Explain Your Obesity

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If you have a toddler who constantly throws fits and says they hate you it could be reason for future health concern. A recent study conducted at Ohio University found that children who hate their parents are two times more likely to grow up obese. Set to publish next month the study finds that toddlers… Read more »