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Daniel Radcliffe Is Back on Broadway, Wants to be “Weirder”

Daniel-Radcliffe-fresh look

Daniel Radcliffe was barely hanging up his wizarding robes when he decided to take on new, challenging new performances in stage and film. Radcliffe’s theatre career started with Equus in 2007; his second return to stage was in 2011 with the lead role in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Now Daniel’s back… Read more »

Why Is Emma Watson Jealous Of Other Hollywood Actresses?


Emma Watson grew up in front of a camera. As did her fellow Harry Potter co-stars, who are now all grown up and pursuing their different paths in life and movies. They continue to be very identifiable, but in the diverse roles each seems to be undertaking and farther away from the genre that made… Read more »

Potter Stamps Released By USPS Cause Controversy

Potter Stamps released by USPS cause controversy

Potter stamps were released by the USPS on Tuesday in an effort to shake off its financial difficulties, but this angered many collectors. The decision by the United States Postal Service to include characters from the super successful franchise Harry Potter has made fans of the books very happy. Some of the more familiar Harry… Read more »

Daniel Radcliffe Horror Movie ‘Horns’ Acquired By Dimension Films

Horns US Distribution

The Daniel Radcliffe horror movie Horns was recently acquired by Dimension Films and Radius-TWC. Unfortunately, the distributor hasn’t unveiled a release date just yet. Based on the novel by Joe Hill, the story follows a young man who discovers horns growing out of his head after the mysterious death of his girlfriend. Since this is… Read more »

Daniel Radcliffe: Alcohol Made Me A ‘Nuisance’

Daniel Radcliffe Addiction To Alcohol

Daniel Radcliffe thoroughly understands the effect his alcoholism had on those around him. According to the actor, his addiction transformed him into a “nuisance.” The Harry Potter star recently opened up to the folks at The New York Times Magazine. In addition to discussing his career and where he’s headed next, the busy actor touched… Read more »

Daniel Radcliffe Denies Freddie Mercury Biopic Rumors


Daniel Radcliffe has denied that he will star as Freddie Mercury in biopic of the Queen singer. The Harry Potter actor was set to replace Sacha Baron Cohen in the lead role. Rumors started to circulate in July that Radcliffe would step into the fold after Baron Cohen left the project due to creative differences…. Read more »

Daniel Radcliffe Attached To Freddie Mercury Biopic, Report

Daniel Radcliffe to play Freddie Mercury in new biopic, report

Former Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe’s name is attached to an upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic according to some reports. The child star is fast shedding any connections he might have had to playing one of the most iconic characters in movies during the last decades. We have seen Radcliffe literally grow up before our eyes… Read more »

Daniel Radcliffe Gets Really Tongue Tied Around Katy Perry

Daniel Radcliffe Has A Crush On Katy Perry

Daniel Radcliffe recently admitted that he gets incredibly tongue tied whenever he’s around Katy Perry. During a chat with Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen last year, the Woman in Black star admitted that he has a pretty substantial crush on the pop singer. When asked which celebrity he would most likely stalk, Radcliffe… Read more »

Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter Far Behind With Nude Swims, F-Words

Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter Far Behind With Nude Swims, F-Words

Daniel Radcliffe won’t be doing movies like Harry potter any time soon. As previously stated by The Inquisitr, Daniel Radcliffe is having trouble escaping his Harry Potter past. Emma Watson is also trying to avoid being typecast as Hermoine Granger by wearing skin-baring clothing. Daniel Radcliffe is ambitiously working on three new films that premiered… Read more »

Harry Potter Meets Gun Control

Harry Potter Meets Gun Control

If Harry Potter met gun control what do you think would happen? Well, if the same gun political climate of the United States prevailed in Harry Potter’s world, he might not be rushed by fans. Let’s see what the world of Harry Potter might look like… The wizarding school of Hogwarts has been shocked this… Read more »

Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’ Receives Praise

Daniel Radcliffe receives praise

Daniel Radcliffe can act, everyone saw that in the Harry Potter saga. Now the actor is creating buzz with his on stage performance in The Cripple of Inishmaan in which he plays a disabled orphan very convincingly. Daniel has returned to the stage in London to perform the part in Michael Grandage’s revival of Martin… Read more »

Richard Griffiths, ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Dies Following Heart Surgery

Robert Griffith dies at age 65

Richard Griffiths, who might be best known as Harry Potter’s less than loving uncle Vernon Dursley passed away at the age of 65. Griffiths underwent heart surgery at University Hospital in Coventry, central England. The well known actor died shortly after surgery due to unreleased complications. While the actor might have been known most recently… Read more »