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Fox Sitcom ‘Dads’ Blasted Ahead Of Debut, Called Sexist And Crass

Fox Sitcom Dads Draws Controversy

The new Fox sitcom Dads won’t debut until next month, but it’s already being panned. Critics are calling the new show sexist, full of racial stereotypes, and generally crass. The shows creators met with reporters on Thursday where they defended the sitcom. According to its producers and stars, the show will be refined as the… Read more »

Spider-Dad: Superhero Dad Takes Son To Trampoline Park [Video]

Spider Dad Goes To Trampoline Park

YouTube user teachusmore, also known as Houston, Texas resident Daniel Garcia, officially wins the title of Best Dad after he dressed up in a spider-man suit and took his kid to a trampoline park. The Huffington Post reports that Spider-dad surprised his son, Oliver, with his very own spider-man suit, and then took him on… Read more »