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The Love Of A Great Dane: 110-Pound Dog Befriends Baby Girl

110lb Great Dane befriends a seven-month-old child.

Vanessa Rowe and Ben Wickens had no idea what to expect when they introduced their newborn child to their 110-pound Great Dane. “As soon as I said I was pregnant people asked ‘what are you going to do about the [Great Dane]?,” 40-year-old café manager Vanessa told The Mirror. “But to me she’s like my… Read more »

Heroic Puppy Saves Girl Lost In Siberia For 11 Days

A little girl lost in Siberia was rescued by her loyal puppy.

Karina Chikitova, a girl of approximately 3-years-old, was lost in the Siberian Taiga. For the first 3 days she was missing, her mother didn’t realize there was any problem. The woman was under the impression that the girl and her puppy made it to her father’s village in the Sakha Republic. In that region, there… Read more »

Wet Dog

wet dog

Oh yeah? Well, warglgarblgaugauguaeeae here’s another one for you!

Wendy’s Employee Defended By Teens Replies With Sweet Freebie

wendy's employee note

Two teens who stuck up for a Wendy’s employee being berated by a customer were surprised that their kindness was rewarded — and one of the two posted on Reddit about the uplifting note (and treat) the pair received from the beleaguered fast food worker. Sure, the story of the Wendy’s employee and the teen… Read more »