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Engine Room Fire Inside Cruise Ship ‘Insignia’ Leaves Three People Dead

Cruise ship Insignia fire

A fire inside the engine room of a cruise ship has reportedly left three people dead, reports the International Business Times. The ship, christened “Insignia,” is reportedly owned by the Miami based company Oceania Cruises. According to the Sun–Sentinel, the ship was docked in St. Lucia when the tragedy occurred. The three dead individuals were… Read more »

Cruise Ship: Migrants From Cuba Enjoy Short Carnival Cruise

carnival cruise

A cruise ship belonging to Carnival Cruises rescued 41 Cuban migrants from their small overladen boat in the Florida Straits. This news was reported by Reuters, and confirmed by a U.S. Coast Guard official on Wednesday. The migrants appeared to be uninjured and were transferred from the cruise ship to a U.S. Coastguard vessel shortly… Read more »