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Naked Intruder Found Asleep In Couple’s Bed After Robbing Some Sprite

naked intruder freddy-shelby

A naked intruder fell asleep in a strange bed in almost classic Goldilocks style after having a cold and refreshing treat. The naked intruder is 30-year-old Freddy Shelby of Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to ABC News. Freddy was arrested on Sunday after he was found by homeowners sleeping naked in their bed, and they were… Read more »

Women Evade Arrest By Forging Legal Documents, Doctor’s Note

Poor Forgery

Forgery is a very common crime in modern society. While many are arrested for forging a few documents, some make a habit of it. However, two women appear to be obsessed with making forgeries, and even tried to evade arrest in a similar fashion. Here are two seemingly hilarious albeit serious crimes committed by a… Read more »

Three Israelis Charged In Murder Of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Khdeir's Killers Indicted, Names Withheld For Public Safety

Three Israeli suspects have been indicted for the grisly murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Their names are being currently withheld, to protect their families from violent reprisals which could further inflame a small region already at war with itself. One Jewish man and two minors, both 17 years old, reenacted the murder at… Read more »

Ron Lee Haskell Collapses: Texas Massacre Suspect Appears In Court

Ron Lee Haskell collapsed in court Friday

Texas massacre suspect Ron Lee Haskell collapsed twice during a court appearance on Friday. Haskell is accused of killing his ex-wife’s sister and five of her family members, with only one of the family members surviving the vicious attack. The suspect’s collapse came during the probable cause hearing. According to Chron, Ron Lee Haskell collapsed… Read more »

Utah Mom Killed Six Babies Because Of Her Meth Addiction: Police

Utah Mom meth addiction

The infamous Utah Mom, Megan Huntsman who is standing trial for the murder of six of her own children has finally revealed her “motive” behind the killings. According to a USA Today report, Megan was addicted to methamphetamine and “couldn’t cope with caring for the children”. Police officials claim that this is the first time… Read more »

Man’s Knife In Shoe Found At Detroit Airport: Passenger Now Faces Charges


A man with a knife in his shoe was arrested after it was found during a security screening. The incident happened at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus on Sunday. The man’s name has not been released. According to Fox News, Sunday morning at approximately 7:22 a.m., Transportation Security Administration officers found “an artfully concealed… Read more »