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Dating Website Loses Sexual Secrets Of Four Million Users

Dating Website Hacked

Dating website Adult FriendFinder lost deeply personal information of close to four million members in a cyber attack. A cyber criminal, going by the username of ROR[RG], not only stole highly sensitive personal data, including customer sexual preferences, they blackmailed the dating website company and threatened to expose and blackmail its members. According to a… Read more »

Rapist Says He Likes ‘Playing God’ While Choking His Victims

Serial Rapist Zach Rankin

Rapist Zach Rankin charmed young women before he brutally raped them. The telemarketer even seduced a 15-year-old girl before leaving her in a state of terror. Rankin appeared in court and heard testimony of three of his victims. The 23-year-old serial rapist was accused of choking his victims, as well as brutally assaulting and raping… Read more »

Toddler Stabbed While Family Changes Tire On Side Of Freeway

Toddler stabbed after family gets flat tire on side of road

A Riverside County man is in jail today after stabbing a toddler in the neck as his family struggled with a flat tire on the side of a freeway. Nicholas Lopez Garcia was arraigned Wednesday and potentially faces life in prison after he stabbed the 18-month-old toddler in the neck with a broken plastic freeway… Read more »

Infant Dies Of Heroin Addiction, Parents Charged With Murder

Infant, Dae-lynn Rose, Dies Of Heroin Addicition

An infant girl died of a heroin addiction after being breast fed from her drug-addicted mother. Redding, California police arrested Heather Rose Brown and Daylon Michael Reed and charged the 21-year-olds with first-degree murder and child abuse. Emergency personnel received a call and went to a room at the Hilltop Lodge where they found the… Read more »

Unborn Baby Grazed By Bullet, Pregnant Woman Delivers After Being Shot

Unborn baby grazed by bullet as pregnant woman forced to deliver after shooting

A woman eight-and-a-half months pregnant was forced to give birth early after she and her husband were shot Tuesday afternoon in Bakersfield, California. Adrianna Bravo, 33, was rushed to the hospital after the shooting and was forced to give birth. The baby is healthy, although police say it’s possible the baby was struck by the… Read more »

How Did Erica Alonso Die? No Signs Of Trauma On Body Found This Week

Was Erica Alonso murdered?

The body of Erica Alonso has been found, bringing an end to the search for the missing California woman. However, there are numerous questions surrounding her death — such as how the woman died, and how she ended up deeply hidden in the woods of the Cleveland National Forest. Even though her loved ones believe… Read more »

William Schultz Stabbed Child To Death To See What It Was Like

William Schultz admitted to stabbing boy to death.

A child is dead, and a young adult has admitted to killing him. William Schultz has been arrested and charged with the brutal slaying of nine-year-old Jordan Almgren. CBS News reports that the 18-year-old man willingly and openly admitted to committing the horrific murder, and his reasoning is downright shocking. The teen was reportedly arrested… Read more »