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Chinese Stabbing Attack Leaves Six People Dead In Changsha

chinese stabbing atatck

At least five people were stabbed to death by a street peddler in the central Chinese city of Changsha, Hunan Province early on Friday morning. According to Reuters, the attacker was identified as Hebir Turdi who was later shot dead by the police. The attack was a result of an argument between Turdi and a… Read more »

East Los Angeles Is Scene Of Fatal Shooting, Man Found Dead in SUV

East Los Angeles Murder

Los Angeles County suffered its 38th homicide of 2014, a year just 42 days old, when the body of a man was found in a vehicle in East Los Angeles in the early morning hours Tuesday. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which has jurisdiction over the unincorporated East Los Angeles neighborhood, was making only… Read more »

Los Angeles Violent Home Invasion Spree Baffles Detectives

Los Angeles Home Invasion Getaway car

Los Angeles investigators are baffled by a spree of terrifying home-invasion robberies that have left two victims dead, several others injured and an entire region afraid to answer a knock on the door. The latest took place last night in West Los Angeles, when a man apparently followed a woman from a gas station to… Read more »

Danvers Homicide: Teacher Was Murdered With Box Cutters In School Bathroom

colleen ritzer danvers

As the horrific details emerge of the Danvers homicide, in which 24-year-old math teacher Colleen Ritzer was killed, a grief-stricken community asks itself, why? The boy suspected of murdering her was one of Ritzer’s students – 14-year-old Philip Chism. He was arrested by police and charged with the Danvers homicide of Collen Ritzer. Following interviews… Read more »

James Lee DiMaggio May Be Armed With Explosives, Police Say

James Lee DiMaggio may be armed with explosives according to police.

The bizarre case of James Lee Dimaggio keeps getting stranger by the day, and now police are saying that he may be armed with explosives, and, if anyone in the public comes across his car, they should use extreme caution. DiMaggio is wanted for allegedly kidnapping 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother Ethan. The… Read more »

Irma Navarro Shackled Son’s Ankles Over Fears of Gang Involvement

Mom Shackles Son To Prevent Gang Activity

Irma Navarro, a California mom, was arrested and faces charges of child abuse after neighbors found her son with a chain wrapped around his legs. According to ABC News, Navarro’s 10-year-old boy was found lying on the ground next to a tree outside the family’s apartment with chains wrapped around his ankles. According to the… Read more »

Beijing Airport Blast Set Off By Man In Wheelchair [Breaking]

Beijing airport blast

A Beijing airport blast set off by a bomber in a wheelchair is being reported by the BBC and social media. Many of the earlier reports came to China’s official micro-blogging site Weibo but are now being reported on Twitter, which is banned in China, as well. I’ve posted a photograph tweeted by one Twitter… Read more »

Oakland Girl Shot, Killed At Sleepover, Three Others Hurt


An 8-year-old Oakland, California girl was shot and killed at a sleepover on Wednesday in a chilling crime that left three others hurt but expected to live. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the little girl was at a friend’s house when someone rang the doorbell to draw attention and then fired right through the… Read more »

Zimmerman Alternate Juror E54 Speaks Out About Verdict

Alternate juror E54 speaks about verdict.

Zimmerman alternate juror E54 speaks out the about verdict in the case. Speaking for the first time and maintaining his anonymity the man spoke with Fox 35 exclusively. The interview was shown On The Record with Greta Van Susteren. Asked whether he supports the verdict, the man said that he did. The alternate juror seemed… Read more »

Pouncey Brothers Free Aaron Hernandez Hats Raise A Fuss [Photo]

Pouncey brothers Aaron Hernandez

The Pouncey brothers’ Aaron Hernandez hats are creating a stir, with a photograph of twins Maurkice and Mike Pouncey wearing “Free Hernandez” caps in support of their former teammate. According to Bay News 9, the 24-year-old twins wore the hats in a Miami, Florida club on Saturday night while celebrating their birthdays. Mike Pouncey was… Read more »

Chris Brown’s Probation Should Be Revoked, City Attorney Says [Confirmed]

Chris Brown

UPDATE: Chris Brown’s probation has been revoked. A Los Angeles County Court judge granted the City Attorney’s filing earlier today to revoke Brown’s probation. According to E Online and other entertainment sources, he will be allowed to remain free on his own recognizance until the next probation violation hearing on August 16. If the two… Read more »

Kate Middleton, Killer Ian Brady Among Hundreds Of News Corp Victims [Report]

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, notorious British murderers Ian Brady and Jon Venables, and more have been named as potential victims in an ongoing News Corp scandal investigation. According to a report Friday in The Guardian, officers involved in Operation Elveden will be contacting 419 victims of the crime that involved News Corp paying public officials including police… Read more »

Heated Tweets Over Zimmerman Verdict Get NFL Players In Trouble

Victor Cruz tweet on Zimmerman verdict.

Some NFL players told the world exactly what they thought of the Zimmerman verdict over Twitter and their heated words got them in trouble. New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, tweeted and then deleted an ominous comment directed at Zimmerman which read, “Zimmerman doesn’t last a year til the hood catches up to him.” Others… Read more »

Three Ohio Kidnap Victims Thank Public For Support [Video]

Ohio kidnap victims video

Three Ohio kidnap victims who were held for a decade, released a Youtube video on Monday night, to thank the public for their support after their incredible escape. The women, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight broke their silence in the three-minute, 30-second video posted at midnight. They thank supporters for their encouragement and… Read more »