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Police Find Human Body Parts Wrapped In Plastic Bags [Video]

Human Body Parts Discovered

Police found human body parts wrapped in plastic bags in downtown New Haven, Connecticut. According to police, late Wednesday morning, two human legs were found along a fence in thick foliage on Court Street, near the State Street Railroad Station. Police said that a few hours after the first discovery, they found three severed human… Read more »

Connecticut Serial Killer: Human Remains Of Seven Women Found

serial killers

Connecticut Serial Killer Update – William Howell, 45, has been identified as the suspect in the murders of seven women in New Britain. Howell is already behind bars serving a 15-year sentence on a manslaughter charge for the murder of Nilsa Arizmendi, 33, in 2003. Connecticut police believe they have found the human remains of… Read more »

Powassan Virus: Rare And Deadly Tick Disease Hits The United States

powassan virus lyme disease

Powassan virus is a potentially fatal illness, which is spread by ticks and has no known treatments. The Powassan tick-borne virus was first found in the Bridgeport and Brandford areas of Connecticut. The infection is spread in much the same manner as Lyme disease and has similar symptoms. The virus can infect the central nervous… Read more »

Pit Bull Quarantined After Heroic Deed

Tank, the heroic pit bull, saved his young owner from a rabid raccoon.

Even though the pit bull breeds are erroneously thought of as dangerous by certain groups, a great many of them are loyal to their owners and quick to protect their families. Such is the case with the 21-month-old pit bull puppy, Tank. Tank is being held in quarantine at the Norwich Animal Shelter in Connecticut…. Read more »

Plane Crashes In Residential Area Of Connecticut

Plane Crashes in residential neighborhood.

Clinton, Connecticut, officials are currently on the scene of a plane crash in a residential neighborhood. The plane crash occurred at 4:10 p.m. Saturday, November 15. The single engine plane went down near Princess Pine road. Robert Baptista, a resident of the area, recalled the plane crash to NBC Connecticut, “I just saw the plane… Read more »

Dunkin’ Donuts Gives Money To Deserving Students

Dunkin' Donuts awarded $50,000 to deserving students on Tuesday.

The price of higher education has gotten so high that many parents begin saving for their children’s college expenses as early as the day they learn they’re pregnant. Some families find it impossible to aid their children with university costs, relying on financial aid and scholarships. For the past 10 years, Dunkin’ Donuts has been… Read more »

Rare Yellow Lobster Is One In 30 Million Catch

A rare yellow lobster was found in Connecticut.

A fisherman in Niantic, Connecticut found a strange version of lobster recently. Jere Lacoske had been fishing in the area of Black Point for almost a decade. His captain, John Wadsworth, began fishing in 1996 and has never seen anything like the yellow lobster Lacoske pulled out of the water. At first, he didn’t recognize… Read more »

Lawsuit: Teachers Filling Cult With Students in Connecticut?

Cult of Avon High School

Three teachers in Avon, Connecticut, and a guidance counselor are named as defendants in a lawsuit brought by the parents of three daughters who claim to have been inducted by their mentors at Avon High School (above) into a cult. Teachers Tanya Mastoloni, Christopher Esposito and Rebecca Kessler, and guidance counselor Laura Sullivan are individually… Read more »

Justina Pelletier Moved To Connecticut Medical Facility

justina pelletier

Justina Pelletier is being moved to a new medical facility in Connecticut. The teenager’s family is brokenhearted that she is still unable to return home. The decision to move the 15-year-old comes just one day after her parents were denied a visit with her at a Boston hospital on Mother’s Day. As previously reported by… Read more »

Connecticut Gun Control Law Sparks Lawsuit By Firearms Group


A new Connecticut gun control law spurred long lines as residents rushed to register their semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. The Gun Violence and Children’s Safety Act went into effect on January 1. The law requires all residents to register any firearm that the state now considers a “assault weapons” before the beginning of… Read more »

Yale: Gunman Reported On Connecticut Campus

gunman reported on Yale campus

A gunman has been reported on the Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut. An emergency alert by campus security officials went out to staff and students just after 11 am. All those on the Connecticut campus have been ordered to shelter in place. SWAT teams are reportedly searching the “old campus” area near the center… Read more »

Connecticut Plane Crash: Pilot Identified As Former Microsoft VP [Video]

Connecticut plane crash pilot second accident.

Friday’s Connecticut plane crash is now believed to have killed at least four people, according to an update from the NTSB. A small plane trying to land yesterday hit a pair of Connecticut homes instead, and authorities believe that between four and six people could have perished in the crash. Rober Gretz, an investigator for… Read more »

Connecticut Legalizes MMA, Ban Goes Away Later This Year

Connecticut Legalizes MMA, Lifts Ban Starting In October

“Connecticut legalizes MMA” is probably not a headline that mixed martial arts fans expected to read today, given the state’s long history of opposing the sport. But Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy, with the aid of lawmakers, changed that on Thursday by lifting the state’s long-running ban. first reported that Malloy had signed the… Read more »