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America Not Ready For EMP Attack, Homeland Security Adviser Says

emp attack congress

An EMP attack would have “catastrophic effects” on American civilians, according to statements made by Peter Vincent Pry. The executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and US Nuclear Strategy Forum Congressional adviser feels the technology necessary to avoid such an apocalyptic disaster exist. Pry also maintains that upgrading the power… Read more »

FERC Report Says Power Grid Would Fail If Just Nine Substations Go Down

American Blackout

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) power grid report revealed that the United States is at risk of a national blackout from just a small scale attack. If a coordinated act of terrorism occurred on just the handful of electric-transmission substations noted in the report, a complete power grid failure would likely occur. Just a… Read more »

Cancer To Be #1 Killer In The United States

Cancer cell

U.S. doctors are concerned their abilities to handle an expected surge in cancer cases in the coming years as they face cuts to government health plans which includes reduced payments to physicians, will not be enough. As little as sixteen years, cancer will become the leading cause of death in the United States, surpassing heart… Read more »

Minimum Wage Going Up — With Or Without Congress

minimum wage increase

The minimum wage is going up and states aren’t waiting for a federal mandate to make it happen. After President Barack Obama urged local politicians to not wait on congress to see that workers in their areas be paid more, mayors, governors, and others have responded to the call by changing policies and passing legislation… Read more »

Keystone XL Pipeline Eminent Domain Case Heats Up In Nebraska

keystone XL eminent domain

The fate of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline still hangs in the balance, but a lesser known aspect of the debate now faces a court challenge in Nebraska. Three property owners in the state maintain that their elected representatives gave Governor Dave Heineman the authority to take away their land for the pipeline project. The… Read more »

Cybersecurity Act Awaiting Approval In Congress

electro magnetic pulse attack

The National Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (HR3696) was introduced in Congress as the power grid attacks of 2013 finally filtered into the American consciousness. The cyber security legislation is supposed to allow communications integration centers within the Department of Homeland Security to offer real time cyber threat information. Although the cyber terrorism bill… Read more »

Power Grid: Senators Call For Stricter Regulations After Sniper Attack

terror attacks

The power grid sniper attack in California has prompted calls for more stringent regulations to protect the nation’s electrical system. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the incident many now deem a terrorism attack occurred last April, but was largely ignored by both the media and the country. Intense scrutiny and public awareness relating to… Read more »

California Power Station Attack: Snipers Take Out 17 Transformers

power grid

The California power station attack was not a drunken act by a few locals out for an evening of destructive behavior as first thought. A new report on the incident in the Wall Street Journal now indicates that snipers took down 17 transformers in about 52 minutes. The revealing report has prompted increased concerns about… Read more »

Less Government Is Good For The Economoy [Poll]

state of the union

The majority of Americans believe that less government is good for the economy, according to a new Rasmussen poll. The survey asked respondents how they felt about government involvement in the economy and income inequality. The results may not be music to the ears of President Barack Obama’s speech writers who are busy putting the… Read more »

Fourth Amendment Lawsuit Sparked By Raid On Gun Owner’s Home

gun rights lawsuit

The Rutherford Institute is pushing the highest court in the land to hear a Fourth Amendment no-knock warrant case spurred by a “SWAT-team style forceful entry” into John Quinn’s home. Does exercising your Second Amendment rights mean that you automatically give up the Fourth Amendment protections guaranteed by the Constitution? That is the exact question… Read more »

Wilderness Act Turns 50 As Eminent Domain Battle Brews

eminent domain

The Wilderness Act turns 50 this year, but pending public land acquisitions and possible eminent domain actions by the federal government make the anniversary of the law a controversial one. The legislation allowed for the creation of public lands that “retain their primeval character and influence.” The protective labeling ushered in under the Wilderness Act… Read more »

Trans Pacific Partnership Protest Interrupts Nancy Pelosi Event

nancy pelosi protest

Trans Pacific Partnership protesters caused a bit of a disturbance at a gathering hosted by Nancy Pelosi.The House Minority Leader initiated the event in order to commemorate the first ever White House “Status of Women” report. A group comprised primarily of college student activists urged Pelosi to vote against the trade deal which some are… Read more »

Poll: 60-70 Percent Of Americans Say Fire ALL Of Congress, Start Over

capitol building hunter's moon

There have been a number of humorous polls lately that capitalize on America’s general distaste for Congress right now. Who can forget the classic “Do you like dog poop better than Congress?” poll, am I right? But it’s possible that America truly is fed up in a bipartisan way with both Democrats and Republicans on… Read more »

Drunk Dial Congress Over 2013 Government Shutdown? Is Real

Drunk Dial Congress Over 2013 Government Shutdown? Is Real

Care to drunk dial congress? The internet is abuzz over the website directing users to, in fact, drunk dial congress. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the government shutdown in 2013 has caused some real horror stories involving National Park closures. It has also been reported that most Americans blame Republicans for the government… Read more »

Congressman Gripes About Measly $172,000 Salary

congress salary

It sure sucks to be stuck in a dead-end job making $172,000 a year, doesn’t it? That seems to be the sentiment held by one Georgia pol who is a little jealous that his aides can go down to a lobby on K Street someday and earn a salary of $500,000 or more. Phil Gingrey,… Read more »

Raise The Debt Ceiling Again? Majority Of Americans Say No [Poll]

debt ceiling

It’s Friday, so that means that President Obama and Congress are likely to pick up the ‘ol “raise the debt ceiling” fight again sometime soon. The last couple of times, America didn’t really know where she stood on the issue, but nowadays she seems to be putting her foot down. According to a recent NBC… Read more »

‘Fifty Shades’: Most Requested Book At Guantanamo Bay

Fifty Shades new study shows the book romanticizes sexual abuse.

One would not associate Fifty Shades Of Grey with Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where terrorist that plan attacks against the US are housed, but there appears to be a connection. According to a report which appeared in The Huffington Post, Democratic Representative from Virginia, Jim Moran stated that the racy series is the favorite among detainees… Read more »

Al-Qaeda Supporters Awarded US Contracts In Afghan Reconstruction

Al-Qaeda May Have Been Awarded US Military Contracts, Agency Report States

Al-Qaeda and Taliban supporters have been awarded US military contracts, and American officials have found a reason not to cancel the agreements, according to a Tuesday report from Bloomberg. That reason: doing so might deprive the supporters of their “due process rights.” John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said he was “deeply… Read more »

Immigration Reform: Building An Expensive Border Wall To Nowhere

Immigration Reform Comes First As Border Security

Commentary | Immigration reform took a step forward, of sorts, Monday evening as the push to include major provisions regarding border defense got approved in a Senate vote. As the New York Times reports, in a 67 to 27 vote, the Senate made the first formal step on immigration reform after months of debate, and it… Read more »

Farm Bill Defeat Stuns House Republicans, Food Stamp Cuts Rejected

Farm Bill Defeated In House, Food Stamp Cuts Rejection Stuns Republicans

A farm bill‘s failure to pass in the US House of Representatives Thursday has stunned Republicans. The legislation was expected to pass without difficulty but additions to the bill, which included food stamp cuts, proved to split the Republican dominated House. The farm bill was intended as an important overhaul that would eliminate billions of… Read more »