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Obama To Issue Grave Warning On Climate Change

President Obama is to issue a grave warning on the problems caused by climate change today.

President Obama will today warn graduates of the Coast Guard Academy of the grave danger posed to the United States by climate change. Speaking at the academy’s graduation ceremony, Obama will say that climate change poses a substantial risk to national security, according to the New York Times. “I am here today to say that… Read more »

Hundreds Trapped On Burning Italian Ferry

ANEK Lines ferry stranded

During a weekend already filled with international tragedy, passengers on an Italian ferry found themselves living out their own emergency situation. According to Yahoo! News, a fire broke out in the lower deck garage of a vessel ferrying passengers in the Adriatic Sean on Sunday. Almost 500 passengers were aboard the Norman Atlantic ferry when… Read more »

Castaway: American Man Rescued From Deserted Island In Bahamas

Sutterfield drifted for five days before he landed on the tiny island.

An American man who was stranded on a deserted island in the Bahamas, after drifting in an inflatable dinghy for five days, has been rescued, looking little worse for his ordeal. Larry Sutterfield was spotted on an island in the Cay Sal Bank, in the Western Bahamas between Cuba and Florida, by a Coast Guard… Read more »

Miami Coast Guard Rescues Man Trapped Inside Inflatable Hydro Bubble!

Hydro bubble rescue

A man trapped inside an inflatable hydro bubble – off the Miami coast was rescued by U.S. Coast guard officials after they received reports of a middle aged man who went missing. The man, later identified as Reza Balunchi was reportedly disoriented inside the hydro bubble and was asking for directions to Bermuda! The man… Read more »

BP (Not Coast Guard): Gulf Cleanup Finally Complete

BP: Spill Cleanup Done

BP says it’s so, now round up the party favors: The cleanup efforts to wipe away all memory of the 2010 oil spill that lasted 85 days and sullied some 778 miles of Gulf of Mexico shore when the company’s Deepwater Horizon rig exploded is, after exhausting $14 billion and 70 million man-hours, officially over…. Read more »

Coast Guard Seeks Reason For Sailboat Chase [Video]

Coast Guard Looking For Reason Behind Sailboat Chase

Coast Guard officials are investigating the reasoning behind a sailboat chase Sunday afternoon. While a boat was moored near Sausalito on Sunday afternoon, the Coast Guard officers approached and asked to come aboard to inspect life jackets and safety equipment on board, according to ABC News. John McCormick, captain of the boat, told the officers… Read more »

Yacht Explosion A Hoax, Says Coast Guard


Last night it was reported that a yacht exploded off the coast of New Jersey. Passengers were hurled into the water as the Coast Guard launched a massive rescue operation. Well, it turns out that the yacht explosion was a hoax. The thousands of dollars the Coast Guard spent on searching for survivors, however, was… Read more »