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Authorities Suspect Shawn Miller’s Death A Suicide

Shawn Miller's death is now suspected to have been a suicide.

Shawn Miller, a 42-year-old Citigroup Inc. executive, was found dead in his apartment Tuesday. He was found in the bathtub with slices on his wrist and throat. Initially, Miller’s death was considered suspicious. However, when investigators moved his body, they found a knife. Now, authorities believe that he may have sliced himself and then fell… Read more »

Jamie Dimon: JPMorgan CEO Awarded $23 Million Pay Package

Jamie Dimon

, Chariman and Chief Executive Office of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), received $23 million between bonuses and salary for 2011. This is the same Jamie Dimon played by Bill Pullman in HBO’s financial crisis drama, Too Big To Fail. With a base salary of $1.5 million from the start of March 2011, $17 million… Read more »