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Pope Says Weapons Manufacturers Aren’t Real Christians

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has earned himself a reputation for saying surprising and often progressive things. This week, the Pope dropped another shocker on the Christians of the world by saying that weapons manufacturers can not truly call themselves Christians. According to Reuters, Pope Francis said on Sunday that people who work to manufacture armaments and call… Read more »

Christianity To Be Extinct By 2067 Says New Government Report

Christianity Extinction

A new governmental report on Christianity is making some waves, though, according to the report, not as many waves as one might think. The core of the report is that Christianity, once the religion that wasn’t to be trifled with, is quickly on the decline, and at a much faster rate than anyone really thought…. Read more »

School Prayer: Group Will Appeal Ruling On Graduation Prayers

Should school prayer be allowed at graduation?

School prayer is a constant subject of contention and misinformation. At this time of the year, prayers at graduation ceremonies particularly come into question. Exactly what is allowed? In one case in South Carolina, this question came to a judgment last week, and neither side is happy. One side — the side opposing school prayer… Read more »

Florida Dad Upset Over Islam Lessons At His Son’s Public School

pillars of islam

Florida dad Ron Wagner is upset about a lesson about Islam in his son’s world history book. Wagner feels the text and the school has gone too far with the course instruction, which reportedly included a lesson that teaches Muhammad is the messenger of God. “Students were instructed to recite this prayer as the first… Read more »