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UK Doctors Complete First Successful Organ Transplant From An Infant

First successful infant transplant completed in the UK

Doctors in the United Kingdom have performed the first successful transplant from a newborn infant in the country. The groundbreaking procedure required two surgeries that are being heralded as a major milestone for pediatric transplant care in the UK. In a tragic, bitter-sweet story, doctors in the UK successfully completed the transplantation of kidney and… Read more »

Young Boy Struck By Lightning Fighting For His Life

A young boy in Charlotte was struck by lightning Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon, in west Charlotte, a young boy was struck by lightning. On the sports field in the Johnson C. Smith University campus, in the 100 block of Beatties Ford Road, the 9-year-old-boy was playing around. As his parents turned to walk away from the field, they heard thunder. When they turned around, they saw… Read more »

Vaccinating Children: Do We Do It For The Benefit Of Others? [Study]

Child immunization: why do we do it?

Herd immunity is an important benefit in child immunization, but experts don’t have much understanding regarding what influences parents in their decision-making process to immunize their children. A new study in the August issue of Pediatrics attempts to understand just that, specifically regarding whether the benefit to others counts as an influence on parent motivation… Read more »