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Man Kicked 2-Year-Old Amina Agboola So Hard, Her Liver ‘Broke In Half’

Amina Agboola Killed By Kick From Mother's Boyfriend

Amina Agboola, a two-year-old girl, was killed by her mother’s boyfriend last November. This week, 19-year-old Dean Harris, having already confessed to manslaughter, was found guilty of murder after the prosecution proved he kicked the little girl so hard that her liver literally broke in half. The murder occurred in Peterborough, England, where Amina lived… Read more »

Parents Torture ‘Demon-Possessed’ Child With A Cattle Prod

Demon-Possessed Son

Two Oklahoma parents are accused of torturing their child with a cattle prod. Edward Everett, age 28, and Krystal Everett, age 32, said the abuse was necessary as their 6-year-old son is possessed by demons. Edward was arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect. Krystal was charged with permitting the abuse. Last week, authorities… Read more »

Australian Arrested For Fatally Raping And Assaulting A Toddler

Child Abuse & Rape

In what could be described as one of the most gruesome and inhuman crimes, a 23–year old Australian man has been arrested with charges of fatally raping and assaulting a child. While cases of child abuse are unfortunately very common, this attack was on a mere 2 year old child. Australian police arrested the man… Read more »

Teacher’s Aide Caught On Video Beating Special Needs Kids In Classroom

Teacher's aide arrested

An Atlanta teacher’s aide has been arrested after a video taken by a horrified teacher showed him, and another aide, slapping and choking an autistic student in a classroom. The teacher says she made the video because the two aides previously denied abusing the student, as well as another 11-year-old special need student, and the… Read more »

Monterey County Children Found Starving, Abused By Female Caretakers

Monterey County Children abuse

Police authorities from Monterey County, California have recorded the arrest of two women who have been accused of felony, child cruelty, false imprisonment amongst others. The women, Eraca Dawn Craig, 31, and Christian Jessica Deanda, 44, had kept three children at their Salinas, Monterey County home in deplorable conditions according to Fox News. The children… Read more »

Mom Speaks Out About Boyfriend Who Bit Off Their Infant Son’s Nose

Screenshot (CaliforniaDad and Son)

Joshua Cooper is expected to appear in court on Monday, Mar. 17 after allegedly biting off his infant son’s nose. According to ABC News7, the mother of the child, Angelika Riggins, is only 16-years-old herself. The young mother spoke exclusively with the publication on Sunday, Mar. 16, weighing in with her account of the entire… Read more »

Dad Bites Off His Newborn Son’s Nose Because He Wouldn’t Stop Crying


As hard as it may be to fathom, unfortunately its true. According to Fairfield News 10, Joshua Cooper, 18, allegedly bit off his own one-month-old son’s nose out of frustration because he would not stop crying. The publication reports that Cooper, a resident of Fairfield, California, has been charged with child cruelty and aggravated mayhem…. Read more »