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Madeleine McCann Troll Threatened To Rape One Of His Friends

Jamie Milligan is the Madeleine McCann troll

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann remains unsolved, but her name stays prominent in media headlines all around the world. Metro News reports that the missing child has been the target of nasty internet jokes, but the so-called “troll” accused of making the comments is reportedly facing jail time for another offense. Authorities say that 25-year-old… Read more »

Father Arrested For Alleged Severe Beating Of Toddler During Potty Training


Bryant Davis, the father of a 20-month-old toddler, is behind bars for the alleged beating of his daughter. According to KHOU, the toddler sustained severe bodily injury after she “peed and pooped on the living room floor,” the affidavit revealed. Although Davis initially seemed oblivious to his daughter’s injuries, insisting that the toddler had fallen… Read more »

Youngest Killers Ever Convicted In America To Be Released From Prison

catherine jones curtis jones

The youngest killers ever convicted in America are about to be set free. Curtis Jones was 12 when he was sentenced to spend 18 years in prison on second-degree murder charges. His sister, Catherine Jones, then 13, was also convicted on murder charges related to the killing of Sonya Speights. Curtis Jones and Catherine Jones… Read more »

Florida Woman Abandoned Kids At Waffle House So She Could Party

Rhiannon Gentry abandoned kids at Waffle House.

A Florida woman is in trouble for reportedly ditching her kids at a greasy spoon while she went out for drinks. Raw Story reports that the three children — two 12-year-olds and one 11-years-old — were left crying in the parking lot of a Richmond County, Georgia Waffle House last night. An arrest report states… Read more »

California Dad Accused Of Doing Something Awful To Infant

Jordan Mendez assaulted his son.

A California dad is accused of violently abusing his three-month-old son, and Opposing Views says that the little baby may not survive the attack. Authorities in Santa Ana arrested 20-year-old Jordan Mendez on Friday after they were called to his residence. They were responding to a report that a child wasn’t breathing in the home,… Read more »

Florida Man Accused Of Biting Baby Is On The Run

Glen Franklin Neal Jr. is being sought on attempted murder charges.

A Florida man is the subject of a manhunt in the Tampa Bay area after police say he tried to kill an 11-month-old baby. Police are looking for 31-year-old Glen Franklin Neal Jr., who has reportedly been charged with attempted murder. ABC News 7 reports that the 11-month-old victim is currently suffering from bleeding on… Read more »

Malnourished Teen Found In Cockroach-Infested Home

Cathy Fort and Rose Holland arrested in connection to malnourished teen.

A Louisiana teen has reportedly been rescued from a horrific situation involving a cockroach infested home, but that’s not even the worst part of this case. Fox 10 News reports that the 15-year-old child was so badly malnourished that he weighed only 47 lbs. A shocking thing to note about this case is that the… Read more »

James And Crystal Driggers: Pop-Tart Parents Charged With Child Abuse

pop-tart parents

James and Crystal Driggers forced their daughter to live in the woods because she ate a Pop-tart without permission. The Sumter County, South Carolina couple were arrested after police officers found out the 14-year-old was sent to stay in a tent in the woods twice during the same week. James Driggers, 33, and Crystal Driggers,… Read more »