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Couple Arrested For Allegedly Getting Their 2-Year-Old Son Drunk

Georgia Couple

The Cobb County Police Department arrested a young couple after their son nearly died from alcohol poisoning. On Saturday, October 4, the 2-year-old toddler’s parents, Jasmin Briana Moore and William Chester Hickson, allegedly gave him a mixed alcoholic beverage consisting of Coca Cola and 40-proof brandy. Authorities reported that the boy was found unresponsive. He… Read more »

Oklahoma Grandmother Reportedly Dressed As Witch, Brutally Abuse Granddaughter


An Oklahoma city grandmother has been arrested following a number of disturbing claims of child abuse. According to NewsChannel 4, on Tuesday, Sept. 30, the Oklahoma City Police Department arrested Geneva Robinson after she tried to take her 7-year-old granddaughter to a local hospital for treatment. Although Robinson reportedly claimed she “couldn’t control the child… Read more »

Parents Risk Baby’s Life On Cliff’s Edge for Vacation Photo

Parents place a baby on the edge of a cliff for a vacation photo

Hiker Fred Sirevag snapped this shocking photo when the parents put their baby on the edge of a cliff overlooking Pulpit Rock in Norway to take a scenic vacation photo. The photo, which has been circulating online and in the Norwegian media, shows a woman taking a picture while the baby crawls dangerously close to… Read more »

Mom Admits Smothering Her Children, Charged With Murder

Sonya Spoon

A Maryland mother has admitted smothering her two young children to death. Authorities said Sonya Katrina Spoon, 24, confessed to killing her 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. However, she had not disclosed a motive. Spoon is currently being held without bond. Early Sunday morning, authorities received reports of “two unresponsive toddlers” at a Cheverly home…. Read more »

Maroney Hacking Case: From ‘The Fappening’ to Child Abuse?

McKaylaMaroney with obama

The McKayla Maroney hacking case could be taking a very serious criminal turn for those who ended up hacking Maroney’s pictures. The Guardian is reporting additional information on the photos that were stolen from Maroney’s hacked account. McKayla initially claimed the photos were fake, but she is now claiming that the nude and semi-nude photos… Read more »