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Chicago Shooting: 13 Injured, Mayor Speaks Out

Chicago Shooting 13 Injured

At least 13 people are reported to have been injured during a shooting that took place on Chicago’s South Side Thursday night, one of those victims included a 3-year-old boy. As stated earlier by The Inquisitr, the shooting took place at about 10:15, Thursday evening. The incident occurred at a basketball court near Cornell Square… Read more »

Chicago Shooting: 12 Wounded Including Preschooler

12 shoot in Chicago, including preschooler

Twelve persons were reportedly shot last night in a Chicago park at about 10:15. Victims included a three-year-old who was shot in the face. The initial report was that there were eleven victims of the mass shooting. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Three of the victims, including the child, were taken to local hospitals in… Read more »

A History Of Violence: Top 10 Most Violent Acts Of 2012

Violence in 2012

The year 2012 has played host to numerous highly-publicized acts of violence. Though the number of human lives lost varies from account to account, a common thread of cruelty, desperation, and blatant disregard for human life can be found among all of this year’s most violent acts thus far. Note: The Inquisitr is not making… Read more »

Chicago May Decriminalize Marijuana – In Small Amounts

medical marijuana legislation

Marijuana may soon be decriminalized in Chicago. The powers that be in the Windy City are expected to vote on decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana later today. If the proposal is passed, America’s third-largest city will simply write a ticket for individuals possessing 15 grams or less of marijuana instead of placing the… Read more »