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CDC Confirms Mosquitoes Carrying Chikungunya Virus In U.S.

mosquito photo CDC

Mosquitoes have been causing us human beings trouble for a very long time. They are known to be major carriers of malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis, and a handful of other diseases. The flying plagues are estimated to kill over 725,000 people a year, which actually makes the insects the most deadly creature on… Read more »

Lesbian Sex HIV Transmission: First Confirmed Case Reported By CDC

Lesbian sex HIV transmission

Lesbian sex, statistically, carries the lowest risk for transmission of the HIV virus, compared to any other form of sexual contact. While cases of HIV transmission occurring as a result of sex between women have been reported, they are rare and none have been reliably confirmed. Until now. The Atlanta-based Center For Disease Control this… Read more »

Flu ‘Epidemic’ Spreads To 41 States

flu spreads to 41 states

The flu “epidemic” rapidly spreading across the United States is reportedly the worst outbreak in in a decade. A total of 41 states have now reported cases of the flu, and the severe winter cold season is just beginning. According to recent flu statistics, a total of 18 children died from the flu this winter…. Read more »

Bath Salts NOT a Factor in Miami Face Eating Incident

bath salts drug not responsible for zombie attack

Bath salts have been a hot topic of discussion this summer, ever since a gruesome and horrifying attack on the side of a Miami causeway attributed to the drug left one man dead and one gravely injured, missing more than 70% of his face. Bath salts were immediately cited by police as the cause when… Read more »

Man on Bath Salts-Like Drug Kills and Eats Family Dog

man on bath salts eats dog

The bath salts media brouhaha seems to have reached a fever pitch, with horror stories of users of synthetic drugs violently tearing into, attacking and eating other living things an ostensible daily occurrence. The bath salts panic really kicked into full swing with the Miami face eating incident, but since then, it seems bath salts… Read more »