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Michael Bloomberg Harvard Graduation Speech Slams Ivy League Censorship and Intolerance [Video]

Michael Bloomberg speaks out against political correctness

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg assailed censorship on college campuses that silences politically conservative ideas and imposes a form of one-sided political indoctrination. Said Bloomberg, “a liberal arts education must not become an education in the art of liberalism.” His condemnation of liberal intolerance came during the commencement address at the Harvard University… Read more »

Trans Pacific Partnership Provokes Fear Of Internet Censorship


The Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP) has prompted fears of internet censorship and the creation of “internet police” on a global scale. The TPP has been billed as a “free trade agreement” similar to the NAFTA initiative of 1994. The TPP involves the United States and a dozen different nations and could give new powers to international… Read more »

Obama Administration Internet Control Plan Prompts Censorship Concerns

internet censorship

The Obama administration will soon relinquish United States’ control of the back end of the Internet. Some are now very concerned that censorship and free speech issues will evolve as countries like Russia and China garner a portion of the international overseer role of the World Wide Web. Since the US Military (not Al Gore)… Read more »

Port San Antonio Bans Food Truck For Calling Itself — What?

San Antonio Food Truck

Port San Antonio, an industrial complex and aerospace facility on the former Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, employs 12,000 people — 12,000 hungry people, come lunchtime every day. Many of the workers there would rather not leave the premises for their meal, so food trucks can do a brisk business. But one… Read more »

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Defends Video Games

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi defends video games

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is doing something most politicians don’t. She’s defending video games. Nancy Pelosi believes that better gun laws will prevent violence, not censorship of mainstream media. In an era when politicians are using video games as scapegoats for real-world violence, it’s quite refreshing to see one actually defend them. On Fox News Sunday,… Read more »

Chinese Legislature Demands Real Name Internet Use Registration

Chinese Internet

Chinese citizens will soon need to use their real name when registering to use internet services throughout the country. The new rule according to Xinhua is meant to “enhance protection of personal info online and safeguard public interests.” Opponents of the law claim that the move is nothing more than China’s attempt to further monitor… Read more »

Russia Imposes Internet Blacklist Law

Russia's Government Starts An Internet Blacklist Law

The Russian government enacted an internet blacklist law, which aims to protect children from viewing harmful internet content by enabling the government to remove sites which it feels can be damaging. Russian authorities can now blacklist and force websites offline without being tried, BBC reports. Both the houses of parliament approved the law, which was… Read more »