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Anthrax ‘Mishap’ Investigation Reveals Shocking Safety Lapses


Anthrax mishandling at a federal government laboratory in Atlanta was billed as a highly unusual incident, but additional safety lapses have been discovered during the investigation into the health scare. A report released earlier this week by a House committee revealed that additional vials of anthrax were found stored in unrestricted hallways in unlocked refrigerators…. Read more »

Smallpox Virus Vials Found In Unsecured Government Storage Room


Forgotten vials of the Smallpox virus were found in an unsecured government lab storage room in the Washington, D.C. area. Workers cleaning out the old research center storage room were quite shocked when they stumbled across several old vials of Smallpox inside a cardboard box. Since the vials of the deadly disease were left at… Read more »

Death By Drinking Study Shows Habit Kills 1 In 10 Working Adults

Death By Drinking, 10 Percent Of You Will Die From It

In what is being called a new death by drinking study, researchers have discovered that one in 10 working age adults will die from alcohol consumption — and if you think this only applies to alcoholics, you’re dead wrong. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that adds up to around 88,000… Read more »

Swine Flu: Illegal Immigrant Child Hospitalized With H1N1

illegal immigrant children

Swine flu was just diagnosed in at least one illegal immigrant child being housed in government facilities along the Mexican border. The case in Texas has prompted the transportation of 2,000 vaccines to Lackland Air Force Base to treat all military personnel, civilian staffer, and illegal immigrants who may have been exposed. The young children… Read more »

MERS: CDC Announces Second Case Found In United States

CDC MERS announcement

A second MERS case has been found in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control – CDC. Health experts from the organization are currently investigating whether or not the second case of the deadly virus was related to the first. Patient two is reportedly located in Florida. On May 2, the CDC… Read more »

MERS Outbreak: 5 Facts You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

The MERS outbreak has caused panic in the Middle East and other areas.

The MERS outbreak — which stems from a dangerous respiratory virus — has now spread to a dozen countries across the globe, including the United States of America. Although there is a lot of information that is not known about MERS, there are some facts that would be helpful for you to know to protect… Read more »

Ebola Virus Epidemic or Outbreak?

The Ebola Virus: Outbreak, Epidemic or Pandemic?

The Ebola virus is also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF). Although it does not cause the heightened effects noted in the 1995 film, Outbreak, it does lead to haemorrhagic fever, causing diarrhea, vomiting, muscle pain/weakness, organ failure and internal/external bleeding. It’s a deadly disease that, as of this moment, has no cure. Treatments… Read more »

Lesbian Sex HIV Transmission: First Confirmed Case Reported By CDC

Lesbian sex HIV transmission

Lesbian sex, statistically, carries the lowest risk for transmission of the HIV virus, compared to any other form of sexual contact. While cases of HIV transmission occurring as a result of sex between women have been reported, they are rare and none have been reliably confirmed. Until now. The Atlanta-based Center For Disease Control this… Read more »

Raw Milk Debate Continues, CDC Illness Statistics Questioned

unpasteurized milk

Raw milk benefits and risks are once again being debated by US Food and Drug Administration – FDA. The agency’s official stance is that unpasteurized milk is an “inherently dangerous food.” Natural milk supporter Sally Fallon Morell feels the federal government’s mantra on the subject is nothing more than “garbage.” West Virginia raw milk advocates… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Hit By Deadly New Virus, Latest Victim Dies

MERS-Cov Virus

Saudi Arabia in the clutches of a deadly new virus that has claimed 56 lives in that country since September of 2012. The latest victim died in a Riyadh hospital Saturday. So far, the virus has not traveled to the United States, but that could change soon. The virus has been christened MERS-CoV, which is… Read more »

‘Cannibal Sandwiches’ Could Make For An Unhealthy Holiday Season

Cannibal Sandwiches Wisconsin

Cannibal sandwiches might sound appealing to some folks, but officials warn that the odd holiday appetizer could send you running for the nearest hospital. If you don’t live in Wisconsin, then cannibal sandwiches might sound like something found in a low-budget horror movie. According to Fox News, the concoction consists of raw ground beef positioned… Read more »

Superbug Breakthrough: Scientists Looking To Soil For Treatment Options

antibiotic-resistant superbug

A superbug breakthrough is evolving courtesy of the scientists at McMaster University. The researchers have succeeded in laying the groundwork for “highly effective” antibiotics to thwart the increasingly resistant bacteria. By isolating the naturally present antibiotics in soil bacteria, new and effective drugs can be produced to impact current strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to… Read more »

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Romanticizes Sexual Abuse, Study

Fifty Shades new study shows the book romanticizes sexual abuse.

Fifty Shades Of Grey, E.L.. James’ raunchy novel is not good for abused women, a study finds. In fact, it romanticizes what can be traumatic experiences. In one such case, Natalie Collins married early, at 17. At first, the man was charming, but she soon discovered a darker side to his personality, he became manipulative… Read more »

Autism Affects 1 In 50 United States School Children, Says CDC

Autism Affects 1 In 50 United States School Children Says CDC

Autism affects one in 50 United States school age children, according to a new report by the US Center For Disease Control (CDC). The number of reported instances of autism have jumped dramatically since 2007 when the number of children effected by autism was said to be only one in 88 children. As previously reported… Read more »

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine For At-Risk Infants Recommended By CDC Panel

CDC recommends meningitis vaccine for at risk infants

A vaccine that prevents bacterial meningitis has been recommended for certain infants by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Reuters reports that the recommendations are not related to the current outbreak of fungal meningitis. Furthermore, the vaccine is not recommended for all infants but those that at higher risk, suffering from sickle cell… Read more »

Meningitis Outbreak Now Under Criminal Investigation

NECC Under Criminal Investigation

The meningitis outbreak that has already killed 20 people and sickened 257 more in 16 states is now under criminal investigation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the fungus Exserohilum was found in sealed vials of injectable steroids; Exserohilum is the same fungus found in the meningitis outbreak. The drug… Read more »

Department Of Homeland Security Warns Of ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

Government warns of zombie apocalypse in new awareness campaign

The United States Department of Homeland Security exists to protect the country from all threats — even the undead. Homeland Security’s Citizen Corps held an online seminar this month which pointed out that the same preparedness tactics one would use to survive a fictional zombie apocalypse can also be used to prepare for other natural… Read more »

Tattoo Infections Caused by Contaminated Ink On The Rise In US

Tattoo Infection Contaminated Ink

If your new tattoo is unusually red, irritated, and frequently oozing puss, then you may have an infection related to contaminated ink. According to Reuters Health, icky ink caused at least 22 skin and soft tissue infections in the United States last fall. As a result, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention promptly launched… Read more »