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Cat Hug [Video]

cat hug

That turned out to be a huge catastrophe… get it? Get it? okay… ...

Rescued Cats Transform Inmates’ Lives With Love

cat, photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Inmates and cats are helping each other at a prison in Indiana, the Pendleton Correctional facility. A dozen shelter cats are part of a program where inmates take turns caring for the feline residents, according to ABC News Channel 57. They feed them, brush them, pet them, and clean their space. The cats play with… Read more »

Cross-Country Cat: Cat Travels 2,000 Miles Undetected In U-Haul

Cross-country cat

A missing cat, who has now gained the name of “cross-country cat,” traveled more than 22 hundred miles, from South Carolina to the Arizona-California border, in the back of a U-Haul. The cat, named Kevin, somehow managed to find his way into the U-Haul, and remained undetected until a food and agriculture inspector opened the… Read more »

This Cat is Going To Eat Some Yogurt — And You Can’t Have Any!

cat will not share yogurt

We all know that cats can be, well, a little self-centered sometimes. At least, it seems that way. But few cats exhibit the refinement and breeding that of the little lady in this video who is determined to keep her favorite treat, a container of yogurt, all to herself. That’s right. No hissing, or whapping,… Read more »

Russian Cat Has No Fear Of Vacuum Cleaner — Cute, Crazy, Or Both?

Russian Cat

This Russian cat video proves that everything is crazier in Russia — even the adorable kitties. Case in point — when have you ever seen your cat get this friendly with a vacuum cleaner? The answer: never. See, civilized cats are naturally afraid of vacuum cleaners, as any cat owner knows all too well. Cats… Read more »

Little Girl Has Something To Say About ‘Hello Kitty’ Revelation

Watch a little girl say how she feels about the idea that Hello Kitty is not a cat.

It was recently announced by Sanrio, the company that owns the Hello Kitty brand, that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat. Interviews with Christine R. Yano, an anthropologist and expert on all things Hello Kitty, brought out her perspective on the topic: “Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is… Read more »