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William Shatner: Captain Kirk Named Calgary Stampede Marshal

William Shatner to lead Calgary Stampede with Olympic speed skaters.

William Shatner has boldly gone where no man had gone before as Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek; he has given opposing attorneys and liberals of all stripes migraines while in the beginning stages of dementia as the quirky lawyer Denny Crane in Boston Legal, but this week the Canadian actor will… Read more »

William Shatner Writes To The Captain Kirk…Of USS Zumwalt

William Shatner writes letter to real-life Captain Kirk and his crew.

William Shatner as Captain Kirk…we’re all familiar with that, but William Shatner to Captain Kirk? Sounds like the captain of the Enterprise is talking – or, in this case, writing – to himself. But, believe it or not, the captain of the US Navy’s most scientifically advanced, futuristic vessel, the USS Zumwalt, is named Captain… Read more »