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The Top Six Liberal Moments Of 2012

bill clinton top moments DNC

With the re-election of President Barack Obama and what was, arguably, the first real rallying of the liberal base in many years, 2012 was a great year — at least for the left. In 2012, liberals had an unusual number of high points despite political uncertainty, an ongoing debate over the “fiscal cliff” and what… Read more »

Candy Crowley Calls Mitt Romney ‘President Romney’ [Video]

Candy Crowley slips, calls Romney 'President Romney'

CNN’s chief political correspondent Candy Crowley was criticized by conservatives during the second presidential debate when she fact checked Mitt Romney on Libya. Now, they may think she has come over to their side. On Sunday’s State of the Union, Crowley asked Ohio Senator Rob Portman, a Republican, what made him think Romney could win… Read more »

CNN Backs Debate Moderator Candy Crowley, Sends Email Show Of Support

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Participate In Second Presidential Debate

2nd Presidential debate moderator Candy Crowley has come under attack by Mitt Romney supporters for what they saw as a direct show of support for President Obama during Tuesday’s debate and CNN’s Managing Editor is having none of it. CNN executive Mark Whitaker sent out an email to CNN employees on Wednesday in which he… Read more »

So, Was Candy Crowley Wrong On Obama’s Libya Remarks?

candy crowley wrong

Was Candy Crowley wrong last night in her assertion that the President had indeed referred to the attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead as “terror”? Depending on who you ask, the answer changes. Allegations that Candy Crowley was both wrong and influenced the debate’s outcome have been slung from the right all morning… Read more »

Candy Crowley Answers Critics Over Debate Moderator Role [Video]

Both candidates have complained about Candy Crowley's role as moderator

More attention has been paid in the 2012 presidential debate cycle to the debate moderators themselves rather than the actual candidates. CNN’s Candy Crowley is up next, and has already received a fair amount of criticism from both sides regarding her selection as moderator. First, it was Jim Lehrer who was criticized for a soft-ball… Read more »

Romney and Obama Worried About Moderator Involvement In Second Debate

President Obama and Mitt Romney

President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have finally found an area where they are in complete agreement. Both are worried that the moderator of the second debate, CNN’s Candy Crowley, will not adhere to the agreed upon terms of the debates. Time magazine reported that lawyers for the campaigns have sent letters to the… Read more »

Candy Crowley To Moderate Presidential Debate

candy crowley

Candy Crowley will become the first woman in 20 years to moderate a presidential debate this October. Crowly, CNN’s chief political correspondent; Jim Lehrer of PBS; and Bob Schieffer of CBS News will host three presidential debates this October. Lehrer will moderate the first debate in Denver on October 3, and Schieffer will host the… Read more »