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Liam Payne Is So Excited He Is Going To Run Round Naked: Here Is Why

Liam Payne

Liam Payne and his One Direction bandmates are well known for supporting charitable causes. In the past few months, fans of Liam and One Direction have come together to raise much-needed cash for a variety of charitable causes. In honor of Harry Styles birthday, fans raised cash for the London Gay and Lesbian helpline. In… Read more »

Government Agency Admits Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

Marijuana extracts can kill cancer cells, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse. The U.S. federal government research institute officially changed a page on their website citing what scientists from St. George University, London discovered in a recent marijuana study. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), the agency’s mission is to… Read more »

Inspirational College Basketball Player Lauren Hill Dies Of Brain Cancer

Lauren Hill dead

Lauren Hill, the 19-year-old basketball player from Indiana known for her inspirational battle against brain cancer, has died. According to Fox News, Lauren passed away on Friday morning. The news of Lauren’s passing has been confirmed by Brooke Desserich, the co-founder of Lauren’s foundation The Cure Starts Now. Lauren’s battle against terminal brain cancer won… Read more »

Finally Some Good News On Devon Still’s Daughter: Cancer In Remission

Good News On Daughter

After nearly a year-long battle with a rare form of pediatric cancer — Stage 4 neuroblastoma — Devon Still, defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals, took to Instagram yesterday to finally share some good news on his daughter, 4-year-old Leah Still: her cancer is officially in remission. In June of last year, while sitting in… Read more »

Angelina Jolie Grateful For Brad Pitt’s Love And Support

Photo courtesy of Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment

Angelina Jolie is again facing the risk of cancer and, just as she did in 2013, when she’d had that double mastectomy, Angelina is again finding comfort in her relationship with husband Brad Pitt. As soon as Mr. Pitt learned of Angelina’s latest cancer scare and the possibility of a surgery, Brad hopped on a… Read more »

Weed Killer Probably Cancerous To Humans: WHO Reports

Weed Killer Roundup By Monsanto

Weed killer manufactured by Monsanto is probably cancerous to humans, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published their findings in The Lancet Oncology on Friday. The IARC is a specialized agency of WHO, located in Lyon, France. Researchers at IARC conducted studies and… Read more »

Caramel Coloring In Cola Drinks Found To Cause Cancer

cola causes cancer

A new study finds that cola drinks containing “caramel coloring” causes cancer. According to a laboratory test carried out by Consumer Reports on 110 separate cola drinks, a manufacturing reaction potentially produces carcinogens. Drinking one of these colas per day is enough to expose an individual to a cancer-causing chemical called 4-methylimidazole (or 4-MEI for… Read more »

‘Smash’ Actress Krysta Rodriguez Has Breast Cancer At The Age Of 30

Krysta Rodriguez

Smash actress Krysta Rodriguez has revealed that she has been battling breast cancer since September 2014 but Broadway and television actress Krysta wasn’t about to let something like breast cancer beat her down. According to the Mail 30-year-old Krysta has chosen to start up a blog so she could “live as loudly as I can.”… Read more »

Studies Prove Smoking Is Even More Deadly Than We Realized

Studies show that smoking is more deadly than we knew.

Smoking is a deadly habit. There are warnings on cigarette boxes and schools try to make sure children know the risks. The U.S. surgeon general has spoken out against smoking, claiming that roughly 480,000 American die each year as a result. It seems the death count might be off — by almost a full 100,000…. Read more »

Ten ‘Red Flag’ Symptoms That Could Mean You Have Cancer

cancer symptoms

Ten “red flag” symptoms that could be signs of different types of cancer were highlighted in a new report published Wednesday. Daily Mail reports that Cancer Research UK urges the general public to pay close attention to these ten “red flag” cancer symptoms for the sake of being able to detect a confirmed diagnosis as… Read more »

Half Of British People Will Get Cancer, Study Suggests


A new study by Cancer Research UK suggests that half of British people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life. A report from Sky News reveals that the figure replaces the previous estimate which stated that one in three people would contract the illness, prompting the study to… Read more »

Val Kilmer Throat Tumor: Actor Began Bleeding, Rushed To Hospital

Val Kilmer

Actor Val Kilmer has reportedly been suffering from a throat tumor and was rushed to the hospital this week because of it. TMZ reports that paramedics rushed to Kilmer’s Malibu home on Monday night after someone reported through a 911 call that the Batman Forever actor was bleeding from his throat. Val Kilmer Hospitalized For… Read more »

Louis Tomlinson Makes A Video Plea For Two-Year-Old Cancer Sufferer

Louis Tomlinson One Direction

Big-hearted One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has made a video plea to help raise money for a 2-year-old cancer sufferer. Unreality TV reports that Louis was made aware of toddler Ruby Young’s illness and stepped in to help. Ruby is suffering from a rare and aggressive form of stomach cancer called neuroblastoma. Kent Online says… Read more »

Black Sabbath Star Tony Iommi: Cancer Won’t Slow Me Down

Toni Iommi

Heavy metal rock legend Tony Iommi has opened up to the Mirror about his battle with cancer, and the Black Sabbath star insists that his illness will not stop him rocking. Tony had just started to work on a new album with Black Sabbath bandmates Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler, when he found out he… Read more »