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Foster Immigrant Children Ad Offers $6,000 Per Month To Guardians

illegal immigrant children

An ad for foster parents for illegal immigrant children in California promises $6,054 per month for those who sign up and successfully complete the 45-day approval process. The migrant children ad appeared in a Penny Saver in Murrieta. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, hundreds of protesters stopped busloads of illegal aliens from being transported… Read more »

Transgender MTV Reality Star Loses Most Of Lawsuit Against Christian College

transgender student

A transgender student and MTV reality show star lost most the lawsuit filed against a Christian college. The student was expelled after revealing his true biological identity on MTV’s True Life: I’m Passing as Someone I’m Not series. Domaine Javier, 27, had filed a lawsuit against California Baptist University for an alleged violation of the… Read more »

Three Killed In Pasadena Shooting

Police responding to the Pasadena shooting.

Three people were killed and two injured on Saturday in a Pasadena shooting. The tenant of an apartment building shot his landlord over a long-standing dispute, killing two others and injuring two more in the process. According to CBS Los Angeles, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez has identified the shooter as 35-year-old John Izeal Smith,… Read more »

Scabies Outbreak Halts Flights Of Illegal Immigrants To San Diego

san diego border patrol

A scabies outbreak has halted illegal immigrant transfer to San Diego County. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a notice that all flights carrying the children, teens, and adults who crossed the Texas border illegally would were on hold because of the health risk. Immigration officials also noted that the illegal aliens already processed… Read more »

Burger King’s ‘Proud Whopper’ Gets Strong Reactions (Video)


Burger King’s “Proud Whooper” was released just less than a week ago and already the burger is eliciting a wide range of reactions across social media. According to USA Today, the “Proud Whooper” is not any different from the chain’s regular whopper. “The Proud Whopper, as it’s called, comes wrapped in a rainbow colored wrapper… Read more »

Great White Shark Attacks California Swimmer

The great white shark that attacked a swimmer off California's Manhattan beach was reportedly agitated by a fisherman who hooked the animal

A male swimmer was in critical condition after being attacked by a great white shark off California’s Manhattan Beach, CBS LA reports. The attack stems from a seemingly strange set of circumstances. Los Angeles County Fire spokesman Rick Flores told reporters that the attack took place after a fisherman on the Manhattan Beach pier hooked… Read more »

College Students Sign Petition To Place Gun Owners In FEMA Camps

FEMA camps

Students at a California college recently signed a petition to support not only the repeal of Second Amendment rights but to place gun owners in FEMA camps and even execute those who possess firearms. Political activist Mark Dice was once again able to easily entice young Americans to trample on the rights guaranteed to them… Read more »

Glendale Fire Consumes 150 Acres of Hillside

Brush fire over Glendale

A massive brush fire broke out north of Glendale City on Sunday, covering 150 acres of steep California hills. According to NBC Los Angeles, containing the fire required the help of nearly 200 firefighters from Burbank, Pasadena and Los Angeles City, and the help of the U.S. Forest Service. The Glendale Fire Department reported the… Read more »

Tom Hanks Producing New Film – Directing? Meg Ryan!


Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together again? Yes! Tom Hanks has Virginians clicking their collective heels as he’s bringing a new film production to the Old Dominion. And who’s directing the new Tom Hanks film? None other than Hollywood legend, Meg Ryan, who starred with Hanks in the 199o’s romantic comedy classics, Sleepless in Seattle… Read more »

Powerball Jackpot Hits $100 Million As Numbers Produce No Wednesday Winner


The Powerball jackpot rose to $100 million after Wednesday’s numbers produced no big winner, meaning that both nationwide lottery games — Powerball and Mega Millions — are now carrying jackpots in the nine-figure range. The last time both Powerball and Mega Millions were simultaneously in the nine-figure jackpot range was a two-week period in February…. Read more »

World’s Best Dad Builds Amazing Backyard Roller Coaster [Video]

This Backyard Roller Coaster in California Was Built By A Father For His Son.

We know it’s Mother’s Day, but this dad deserves some attention for building a backyard roller coaster that is actually pretty awesome. The roller coaster — built by Will Pemble for his 10-year-old son Lyle in northern California — is just about any kid’s dream. No need to go to the closest amusement park or… Read more »

9 Million Pounds Of Tainted Beef Recalled Amid Rancher Dispute

cancerous cows

BOLINAS, CALIFORNIA – Bill Nilman has had a very prestigious image in the world of slaughterhouse beef, priding himself on his high-quality product which he raises gently and humanely and sells nationwide to restaurants and grocery stores, so it was quite the shock when Rancho Feeding Corp. began recalling his beef, 9 million pounds of… Read more »

California Woman Kills Her Seven-Month-Old Baby, Attempts Suicide

California mom kills baby

A 23-year-old California mother, believed to be suicidal was found to have killed her seven-month-old baby by stabbing the infant to death, reports the Seattle Pi. The incident happened at a park near Livermore, California on Saturday. The woman, who has been arrested by the police is being currently held at the Alameda County Jail…. Read more »

California Drought Is The Worst In Fifteen Years!

Drought California

While mid-western US is readying itself to bear the upcoming onslaught of this year’s wet and windy tornado season, there is another state on the west coast that is reeling under severe drought conditions. That’s right, California is currently in the midst of the worst drought it has seen in the past 15 years. According… Read more »

Buxton Beats Powerball Odds And Wins $425 Million

b.raymond buxton

B. Raymond Buxton picked the perfect day, April Fool’s Day, to claim his lottery cash prize of $425 million smackaroos. He was no fool as he sat in a local Subway shop having lunch in Northern California about six weeks ago and made the decision to buy a lottery ticket. reports that Buxton had… Read more »