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Legalize It: Gavin Newsom Commission Releases Marijuana Recommendation Report

Legalize It: Gavin Newsom Commission Releases Marijuana Report

California could soon become the next state to legalize recreational marijuana use and former Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has 58 opinions about that. That’s according to a report from a Blue Ribbon Commission chaired by Newsom that investigated what would happen if California legalized recreational marijuana use for adults. The commission hopes its 58 suggestions… Read more »

Drought Shamed By The Government, California Cities Out Top Water Users

Shamed by the government: California cities out top water users.

Drought shaming is the newest social craze in California where the state’s historic four-year mega-drought has dried up reservoirs and left a million farming acres unplanted. New apps are targeting water wasters and a Facebook page has sprung up with photos and addresses of water offenders. Now, California city governments are playing the game too…. Read more »

Cajon Pass Wildfire Burns 3,500 Acres In 3 Hours, 20 Cars Destroyed

Cajon Pass Wildfire Engulfs 20 Cars

A devastating wildfire blazed through Cajon Pass in San Bernardino county, Friday afternoon, closing north and southbound lanes on the I-15 Freeway before engulfing over 20 cars in flames and burning down several homes. The scourging blaze started as a vegetation fire off Freeway I-15 in Cajon Pass around 2:30 p.m. Friday, with 40 to… Read more »

Lemonade Stand Heist Nets California Thief $30

lemonade stand heist

A lemonade stand heist netted Santini Tate, 18, a grand total of $30. Tate was arrested for robbing the Rancho Cucamonga, California, lemonade stand operated by Chase Anderson and Julie Jacobs, both 13, after being given a free drink because he did not have any money. Santini Tate reportedly approached the girls running the lemonade… Read more »

Drone Films Humpback Whale As It Spouts A Rainbow Off California

The unusual image depended on a perfect alignment of the drone with the whale and the sun.

A drone pilot managed to capture stunning footage of a humpback whale off the California coast last weekend, as the animal came up for air and inadvertently created a perfect rainbow in the air above itself. Photographer Mark Girardeau set out with his friends, Royce Hutain and Jason Anderson, last weekend, searching out the whales… Read more »

Jeff Bridges Selling $29.9 Million Estate In Montecito, California

jeff bridges selling

Jeff Bridges is selling his $29.9 million home. The 19.5-acre estate is located in Montecito, California. “The Dude” and his wife, Susan Bridges, are in the midst of downsizing and recently purchased a smaller home in the area. The movie star’s home boasts 9,500 square feet and has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, according to… Read more »

Humpback Whale Blows A Rainbow Off Newport Beach, California [Video]

Humpback whale

Incredible footage of a humpback whale blowing a perfect rainbow was captured off the coast of Newport Beach a couple of days ago. As two drone cameras flew overhead, they caught the magical moment when the humpback whale rises to the surface, spraying a rainbow from its blowhole. According to the description on the video,… Read more »

Paddleboarders Encounter Great White Sharks Off Huntington Beach

The sharks have become local celebrities, following their arrival earlier in the year with roughly 10 others.

Two paddleboarders have recorded their interactions with several young great white sharks off the coast of Huntington Beach, revealing how startlingly close they came to the juvenile predators. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Courtney Hemerick, and reportedly filmed on Friday off Seal Beach, according to KTLA. It depicts two men on stand-up paddleboards… Read more »