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Buxton Beats Powerball Odds And Wins $425 Million

b.raymond buxton

B. Raymond Buxton picked the perfect day, April Fool’s Day, to claim his lottery cash prize of $425 million smackaroos. He was no fool as he sat in a local Subway shop having lunch in Northern California about six weeks ago and made the decision to buy a lottery ticket. reports that Buxton had… Read more »

Senator Yee Messed With The Wrong Chow

Senator Lee Arrested

Senator Leland Yee is added to the ever growing number of Democratic leaders that will hopefully be thrown in the slammer. Just within the past three months, there have been three major arrests due to corruption. First let’s recognize Democratic California State Senator Ron Calderon. He is charged with accepting nearly $100,000 in bribes as… Read more »

Tornadoes in California Wreak Havoc

Tornadoes in California

Tornadoes touched down and several funnel clouds were reported in Northern California Wednesday afternoon. In fact, according to NBC News, NBC Bay Area chief meteorologist Jeff Ranieri said, ” that there had been reports of four tornadoes and six funnel clouds in the region. Two of them were confirmed by the NWS.” The most significant… Read more »

Monterey County Children Found Starving, Abused By Female Caretakers

Monterey County Children abuse

Police authorities from Monterey County, California have recorded the arrest of two women who have been accused of felony, child cruelty, false imprisonment amongst others. The women, Eraca Dawn Craig, 31, and Christian Jessica Deanda, 44, had kept three children at their Salinas, Monterey County home in deplorable conditions according to Fox News. The children… Read more »

Mega Millions Jackpot Jumps To $353 Million, 5th Biggest In Game History

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions jackpot for Friday, March 14, jumped to a staggering $353 million, the 5th-largest jackpot in the 22-year history of the nationwide lottery game. The winning numbers that came up Tuesday night in Atlanta, Georgia, produced no perfect matches with any of the 60,734,638 tickets sold for that drawing — the 19th straight… Read more »

Third Graders Caught Smoking Pot In Elementary School Bathroom


Third graders in Sonora, California were caught smoking pot in an elementary school bathroom. Police are still attempting to determine how the children found smoking marijuana, actually got a hold of the drug. Medical cannabis is legal in the state, but only for adults with a prescription signed by an accredited physician. Sonora Police Chief… Read more »

Lady Gaga’s ‘Newest’ Public Service Announcement

Lady Gaga Contributes to Hearst Castle

Lady Gaga is becoming a new spokesperson, but for what? The answer is drought awareness. The five-time Grammy Award winner will soon be announcing a public service announcement telling residents of California to participate in helping California with their drought issues. Lady Gaga’s involvement is because of a new video she wanted to shoot at… Read more »

Bill Of Rights: Mark Dice Third Amendment Video Goes Viral

Bill of Rights viral video

A new viral video by Mark Dice illustrates how quickly some California residents are to give up their Third Amendment rights. The Bill of Rights says, “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be… Read more »

Oakland Shooting: 14-Year-Old Kills His Sister Over Laundry Dispute


An Oakland shooting has left one girl dead after her 14-year-old brother shot her because of an argument over laundry. The girl was reportedly shot and killed Thursday afternoon in a downtown apartment. This isn’t the first instance of sibling violence to take place this week. An earlier report by The Inquisitr stated that a… Read more »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sighted Cruising With New Gal Pal Heather Milligan

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the action-movie star and former governor of California, looks like he has made his last stand with wife Maria Shriver, despite the Terminator star’s recent hint that “I’ll be back.” The couple, who have four children together, have been separated since 2011. Based on what photographers and other witnesses saw Sunday in Brentwood,… Read more »

San Jose Arsonist Busted Wednesday Is Also Sex Offender

San Jose Arson Suspect Patrick WIlliam Brennan

San Jose police have apparently put a stop to a terrifying string of 12 destructive fires in a five-day span that terrorized the northern California city in the heart of high-tech Silicon Valley. They arrested the man they say set all of those San Jose fires, a man with a long history as a firebug… Read more »

San Jose Pedestrian, Cyclist Deaths Spiked In 2013

Bicycle Accidents Up In San Diego

In San Jose, California, the number of pedestrian and cyclist deaths rose to a 15-year high in 2013. With 26 deaths, it’s the highest total the city has experienced since 1997. It’s also the highest number of such fatalities of any city in the Bay Area. Though these incidents have led to a cry for… Read more »

California Wildfire Destroys Big Sur Fire Chief’s Home

big sur california wildfire

A California wildfire in Big Sur destroyed 500 acres of land and 15 homes, including the home of Big Sur fire chief, Martha Karstens. The wildfire burned up land in the Pfeiffer Ridge area of Los Padres National Forest near state Highway 1. California wildfires are rare during the Winter but are not impossible. The… Read more »

Democrat Serves Up Disgusting, Misogynistic Hate Storm On Twitter [NSFW]

democrat misogyny

Want to see a Democratic official go on a disgusting, misogynistic hate storm on Twitter that ultimately resulted in his ignominious firing? We’ll get to the graphic, highly NSFW hate tweets below the ad bar and pad with story for about 200 words so your eyes aren’t unnecessarily assaulted. But seriously, this guy pulled no… Read more »

World War II Veteran In California Marries Boyfriend

World War II veteran in California marries boyfriend

A World War II veteran in California has married his boyfriend of 20 years. Usually when you think of World War II veterans, you likely picture some grizzled old fellow with tons of interesting stories that remind you that he’s seen more than you probably ever will. Most of us don’t picture one of them… Read more »

California New Driver’s License RFID Chips Suspended, Still On The Way

California new drivers licenses soon to include RFID chips

California’s new driver’s license RFID chips are on the way, even though they’ve been suspended for now. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips have already been implemented in drivers licenses in Michigan, New York, Vermont, and Washington to keep tabs on drivers, as the plan has been to replace the need for passports entirely. Yes, the… Read more »

World War II Wisconsin Veteran’s Diary Found In California

World War II Wisconsin Veteran's diary found in California.

A California couple found the diary of a Wisconsin World War II veteran in California while cleaning the house of the woman’s recently deceased mother. Officials at the veteran’s hometown of Racine are having a hard time tracking down the man’s family so they can return the diary. Evelyn Dar was cleaning out the San… Read more »

California Officials Can’t Decide Where To Send 13-Year-Old Killer

Joseph Hall

Thirteen-year-old Joseph Hall was convicted of second-degree murder in January 2013 after he shot his father in the head. Since that time, officials have been unable to determine where Hall should be placed. Prosecutor Mike Soccio has promised that Joseph hasn’t “fallen through the cracks” but rather that “It’s just that no crack fits Joseph.”… Read more »

James Lee DiMaggio May Be Armed With Explosives, Police Say

James Lee DiMaggio may be armed with explosives according to police.

The bizarre case of James Lee Dimaggio keeps getting stranger by the day, and now police are saying that he may be armed with explosives, and, if anyone in the public comes across his car, they should use extreme caution. DiMaggio is wanted for allegedly kidnapping 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother Ethan. The… Read more »