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Bikers Taunt Officer On California Interstate [VIDEO]

Bikers taunt officer on California Interstate.

A video was posted to YouTube Tuesda, by user “gurustunts,” showing a group of bikers on an interstate speeding and doing stunts then taunting an officer that attempted to calm them. The incident took place on Interstate 680 in California and was initially recorded on October 11. The video showed several of the bikers speeding,… Read more »

New Footage Reveals Humpback Whales’ Astonishing Unseen Behavior

New footage has shed light in the secret lives of humpback whales.

Two pieces of unusual footage have recently been captured, revealing unknown and unusual behaviors in humpback whales, and the independent incidents have given scientists a new window into one of the world’s largest animals. Earlier this year, a group of divers from Mexico captured rare video of a humpback whale sleeping. Suspended upside down in… Read more »

Real-Life ‘It’ — Creepy Clowns Terrifying California Town

Real-Life 'It' loose in Wasco California

A photographer in a California town taking a page from the Stephen King novel and movie It inadvertently started a terror trend throughout two southern California towns. It started when a husband and wife began a photography project, but copy-cat clowns have begun popping up, and headlines began dropping on social media, terrifying residents who… Read more »

Firefighters Saved A Man’s Life, Then Finished His Yard Work For Him

Corona Firefighters

When a California man lost consciousness while mowing his lawn, probably the last thing he was concerned about was whether or not his yard work would be finished. Fortunately for him, the Corona Fire Department wasn’t going to let that be a problem. A photo of the firefighters finishing the man’s yard work was posted… Read more »

Gun Confiscation Just Became Legal In California

second amendment

Gun confiscation was just made possible via a new California gun control law. Second Amendment advocates are opposed to the measure which would allow residents to “ask” police officer to confiscate a legally owned gun by a close relative. Governor Jerry Brown signed the Gun Violence Restraining Order bill into law on Tuesday. All families… Read more »

World Record 809 Pound Mako Shark Caught With A Bow And Arrow

The crew landed the mako shark in just 15 minutes, yet it took longer to lash the animal to the boat.

A TV host and angler from Texas used a compound bow and arrow to land a mako shark weighing 809 pounds last month, a world record catch for the unique style of fishing. Jeff Thomason, who hosts Predator Pursuit on The Sportsman Channel, landed the mako off the coast of Huntington Beach, California on August… Read more »

Emergency Declared: King Wildfire Doubled Overnight

Kings fire doubled overnight, only 5% contained.

A state of emergency has been declared for El Dorado and Siskiyou counties in California.. The counties have been severely affected by the King and Boles wildfires, respectively. The King wildfire more than doubled in size overnight. It jumped from affecting 27,930 acres to approximately 71,000 acres by Thursday morning. Over 2,000 homes and 1,500… Read more »

Blue Whale Numbers Near Historic Highs, But Shipping Worries Still Remain

Blue Whale Numbers Up

Researchers believe that California blue whale numbers have recovered to a point that is sustainable, nearing historic highs from decades ago. Scientists are saying that this is so far the only population of blue whales that have rebounded from whaling ravages of the previous centuries. A blue whale can grow to 108 feet (33 meters)… Read more »

California Man Charged With Deliberately Spreading HIV [Video]

Thomas Guerra faces charges of willfully spreading HIV to partner; other charges pending investigation

A landscape architect from Central California has been charged in San Diego with willfully infecting others with HIV. Thomas Guerra (who also goes by Ashton Chavez) is HIV positive. California state law requires him to inform all potential sexual partners of his infected status. He’s being accused of having deliberately hidden the truth from a… Read more »