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Paddleboarders Encounter Great White Sharks Off Huntington Beach

The sharks have become local celebrities, following their arrival earlier in the year with roughly 10 others.

Two paddleboarders have recorded their interactions with several young great white sharks off the coast of Huntington Beach, revealing how startlingly close they came to the juvenile predators. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Courtney Hemerick, and reportedly filmed on Friday off Seal Beach, according to KTLA. It depicts two men on stand-up paddleboards… Read more »

Rescued Sea Lions Doused With Chlorine At Laguna Beach Marine Center

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Seventeen rescued sea lions were sickened after their pool was filled with chlorine. The sea lions were being housed at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, California. The sea creatures had just recently recovered from starvation and dehydration. The majority of the rescued sea lions suffered eye burns or corneal ulcerations after chlorine… Read more »

Brandon Kiel Ran Fake Police Force, Masonic Fraternal Police Department Fraud Allegations

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Brandon Kiel ran fake police force, California investigators claim. Masonic Fraternal Police Department members were arrested in Los Angeles for impersonating law enforcement. Three people claimed they were members of the Masonic Fraternal Police Department and even produced badges, uniforms, patrol cars, and weapons to prove their authenticity. The alleged Masonic Fraternal Police Department members… Read more »