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Scientists Discover Extinct ‘Mega’ Penguin Species

Though extinct, the mega penguin species is the largest ever recorded

Scientists have identified a new species of penguin that, while it may be extinct, was a behemoth in its day, reaching over two meters in length and standing as tall as a man. As IFLScience notes, the penguin species is the heaviest and largest ever identified. Scientists operating on an island in the Antarctic Peninsula… Read more »

McKayla Maroney Plays Cold-Hearted Murder Suspect On ‘Bones’

McKayla Maroney Makes Guest Appearance On 'Bones'

McKayla Maroney is so serious about coming out on top in gymnastics that she’s willing to kill to stay there. At least on television, that is. Maroney made an appearance on Friday’s episode of Bones, playing a gymnst named Ellie who becomes Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth’s (David Boreanaz) top suspect after her rival turns… Read more »