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Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Brawl Under Police Investigation [Video]

Victoria's Secret Black Friday brawl caught on video

Was it Victoria’s Secret or Fight Club? Police are investigating a Black Friday melee that occurred at the Victoria’s Secret lingerie store in Annapolis, Md. The Westfield Annapolis Mall incident was — of course — captured on cell phone video and uploaded to the Internet. Presumably Victoria’s Secret would be considered a bastion of femininity,… Read more »

Black Friday Shopper Uses Taser On Another Customer [Video]

Black Friday shopper tases another customer in mall brawl

Black Friday violence got even more weird if not “shocking” yesterday, if that’s possible. A taser or stun gun appeared to be used in a Black Friday mall brawl between two females. See cell phone video embedded above. The incident occurred at the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia at about 2:30 am on Black Friday…. Read more »

Laptop Deals Abound For Black Friday Shoppers And Cyber Monday

Laptop Deals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is cooling down most places (get with the program, Florida), and you’re rolling out of bed the morning after your post-binge food coma with the Thanksgiving Hangover. Shake that slumber from your eyes, because it’s Black Friday, the Day of The Deals. Whether you’re a… Read more »

Black Friday TV Deals: Where To Get The Most For Your Money

Black Friday TV deals

Black Friday is a day when consumers can save thousands of dollars on purchases as retailers attempt to boost their sales. Often, the best deals to be had are on large-ticket items like TV’s. Consumer Reports scanned this year’s Black Friday TV deals from all of the major retailers of electrical items, including Best Buy,… Read more »

Cyber Monday Deals And Tips

Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is set to rival Black Friday for holiday sales. Although shoppers are already lining up outside Best Buy, others prefer the convenience of shopping from home. In addition to relieving the stress of holiday shopping, consumers often find better deals online. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and the unofficial start of… Read more »

PS4, Xbox One Black Friday Deals: What To Expect

PS4, Xbox One Black Friday deals to expect

What PS4 and Xbox One Black Friday deals can you expect to find? It’s really a matter of what you’re shopping for. Considering the overwhelming demand for both consoles, the law of supply and demand dictates that you won’t see any discounts for the consoles themselves yet. Also, with the recent reveal that the PlayStation… Read more »

Kmart, Sears Announces Thanksgiving Shopping Marathon

Kmart Announces Thanksgiving Shopping Marathon

Like it or not, we are five days into the holiday season, and Kmart has upped the ante once again, announcing their Thanksgiving shopping marathon. This means that Kmart shoppers can spend not only Black Friday fighting for deals, but they can also spend their Thanksgiving day in long lines, fighting for the “best” deals…. Read more »

2013: The Year Black Friday Invades Thanksgiving Dinner

black friday thanksgiving

Well folks, 2013 is the year. The year that Black Friday officially invades Thanksgiving. We all knew it was coming sooner or later. In what is almost certainly certain to signal a chain reaction of similar initiatives throughout the country, New Jersey’s Rockaway Townsquare Mall has bitten the bullet and become the first (so far… Read more »

Florida Walmart Shooting Leaves Two Injured

Black Friday Shooting

Tallahassee, FL – A shooting at a local Walmart has left two individuals wounded, according to WPTV. While folks were preparing to engage in a little Black Friday shopping at one of the nation’s biggest retailers, two angry drivers got into a fight in the parking lot over a parking space. It was around this… Read more »

Walmart Says No One Was Hurt In Georgia Smartphone Rush [Video]

Walmart shoppers fight over smartphones, but no one gets hurt

Moultrie, GA – A Georgia Walmart played host to clawing, screaming, shoving, and garden variety Black Friday madness after unveiling discounted smartphones to their rabid shoppers. Despite a semi-disturbing video of Walmart shoppers fighting tooth-and-nail for the phones, a store spokesperson said no one was hurt. A video shot at the Moultrie Walmart shows a… Read more »

Black Friday Strike: Walmart Workers Walk Out In Seven States

Walmart employees strike in seven states

You’ve probably heard whispers regarding a Black Friday strike by unhappy Walmart workers on the busiest shopping day of America. It’s more than a rumor, with Walmart employees now protesting in seven states as of this posting. Black Friday started earlier than usual this year, with Walmart stores across the country opening their door-buster deals… Read more »

What NOT To Buy On Black Friday

Make and list and check it twice to get the best deals on Black Friday, and know what to avoid.

The turkey has been eaten, the pie sliced, the football game over. Time to get ready for Black Friday, that infamous shopping day on which consumers believe that they will find the best deal on the best things they’ve ever seen in their life. While Black Friday does offer some pretty stellar deals, don’t pitch… Read more »

Apple Black Friday Ad Teased For US And Australia

Apple Black Friday 2012

The 2012 Apple Black Friday ad was teased on Monday for both the company’s US and Australian websites. In its Black Friday ad, Apple writes: “The one-day Apple shopping event is Friday, 23 November … Get ready to give. Shop online or visit your favorite Apple Retail Store. We’ll help you make the most of… Read more »

Survey Says 45 Percent Of Americans Would Skip Christmas If Possible

45% of Americans would rather skip Christmas

If you needed any more proof that consumerism, commercialism, and every other known “ism” related to buying stuff is slowly sucking the life out of our nation’s holiday spirit, a new survey should convince you to try and remember what’s really important this Christmas. It says that half of America would skip Yuletide altogether if… Read more »

Cyber Monday Sales Predicted To Reach Record $2 Billion

Cyber Monday Sales Predicted To Reach Record $2 Billion

Cyber Monday sales are coming to us this year only in a week. Since is an online-only retailer, it has been running Black November sales all month long. But Walmart and several other retailers are announcing their Cyber Monday sales soon. According to the Daily Gossip, analysts are estimating that this year’s Cyber Monday… Read more »