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NASA Sees Christmas Lights From Space

NASA, Christmas lights seen from space

Who knew Christmas lights could be seen from space? It turns out that those little holiday decorations are not only adding a little twinkle to your home and yard, but outer space as well. Research, which was co-led by Miguel Román, a research physical scientist at NASA Goddard and member of the Suomi NPP Land… Read more »

The Truth Behind The Nordstrom Black Friday Shooting Revealed

Nordstrom store.

New details have emerged regarding the fatal shooting that happened in a Nordstrom store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The shooter, Marcus Dee, 31, had a tumultuous history with his victim, the sister of Nadia Ezaldein, 22. On the night of Black Friday, Marcus Dee walked into a Nordstrom store, entered the accessories department, exchanged… Read more »

Nordtrsom Shooting: Woman Dies Following The Attack

Chicago Nordstrom Shooting

One day after she was shot at a Chicago Nordtrom’s on Black Friday, the shooting victim has passed away. According to CNN, the Nordstrom’s reported via their Facebook page on the woman’s passing, stating, “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.” The Inquisitr originally reported on the shooting, which took place while… Read more »

Black Friday Serves Up Some Real B.S. To People Who Bought Poop

black friday poop

Black Friday can drive people to do some really weird things, like staying out on the freezing cold sidewalk all night, yelling obscenities and trying to wrangle items from strangers’ hands, and buying poop. That’s right, buying poop. Cards Against Humanity, a comedic, dark, and inappropriate card game, took all of its games off its… Read more »

Best Buy Website Dies On Black Friday

Best Buy 404 Error

The Best Buy website crashed on Black Friday… twice. Once in the morning hours and once again in the late afternoon. The company is blaming the outages on both an internal decision to shut down temporarily to fix issues and on a glitch. The Wall Street Journal reports that the site outage this morning was… Read more »

Black Friday Tablet Deals? For Your Security, Read This Before Buying

Black Friday tablet shopping danger

Black Friday tablet deals are pretty big this year, with tablets selling for as cheap as around $40 in some places, but consumers should be alert about these deals. It’s not just that they might be poorer quality but, according to computer security experts, they might actually be putting your sensitive information at risk. Most… Read more »

Consumer Confidence Rises Just In Time For Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales

Consumer confidence has reached its highest point since July 2007. This could mean good news for retailers, as an increase in consumer confidence is directly related to an increase in retail sales. Economists are confident that this holiday season could be the best for retailers and consumers since the recession began. Traditionally, the holiday shopping… Read more »

If Black Friday Was A Horror Movie, This Could Be The Trailer [Video]

Black Friday

Black Friday is just a few days away. Millions of shoppers have been searching high and low for leaked advertisements, as well as published promotions from their favorite stores and online websites. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, quite a few advertisements have already been reportedly leaked from such retailers as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target… Read more »

Black Friday Scams: What To Watch Out For This Holiday Shopping Season

Black Friday 2014 Scams

Black Friday is all about getting the best deals. However, though some deals may be great, shoppers can easily fall victim to Black Friday scams. Though the 2014 Black Friday shopping stampede hasn’t started just yet, that doesn’t mean scammers aren’t already targeting shoppers. In fact, as soon as Black Friday ads hit the web,… Read more »

Walmart Black Friday Doorbusters And 5-Day Sale Highlights

walmart thanksgiving

Walmart Black Friday deals will be stretched over a 5-day period in 2014. Black Friday doorbusters begin during the Walmart Thanksgiving sale kick-off and continue through cyber Monday, with special discounts being offered both online and in brick-and-mortar stores around the country. Thanksgiving at Walmart not exactly your cup of tea? No worries, the mega… Read more »

Black Friday Sears Ad Leaked

black friday doorbusters

The Black Friday Sears ad leak is 64-pages and filled with discounts in every department. The annual sale begins at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving evening. Some Black Friday 2014 doorbusters and big ticket items offered by Sears include an RCA LED 1080p 40″ HDTV for $249. A 52″ television in the same variety will be… Read more »

Black Friday: Kmart Doorbusters Leaked

kmart black friday ad

Black Friday Kmart doorbusters have allegedly been leaked in a new 56-page ad. The Black Friday 2014 sale begins chain-wide on Thanksgiving. Special deals will be offered from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., and then the sale picks back up on Thanksgiving night at 7 p.m. Black Friday doorbusters will run through 3 a.m., and… Read more »