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Madonna, Beyoncé, and Cindy Crawford Unretouched Photos Are Likely Photoshopped


Madonna, Beyoncé, and Cindy Crawford have been consistently mocked for supposed unretouched photos that make them look horrible. However, many are alleging that unretouched photos of Madonna and the other gals are Photoshopped to make them look worse. Just as glamor magazines Photoshop celebrities to make them look better, gossip sites and tabloids appear to… Read more »

Beyoncé Backlash Continues As She Is Bashed By Kid Rock


It’s full season on Beyoncé now as the questioning of her talent continues. Now, Kid Rock has joined in bashing the (sort of) falling superstar. Kid Rock told Rolling Stone he is not a fan. “Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that… Read more »

Beyoncé Goes Without Bra: Is She Getting Desperate?


In 2013 and 2014, Beyoncé could do no wrong. She always had her haters, but Beyoncé had most consumers and critics singing her praises. However, Beyoncé is starting to show some cracks in her image, even if it isn’t all her fault. The Huffington Post wasn’t happy about Beyoncé pushing aside Ledisi for a Grammy… Read more »

Beyoncé Wardrobe Malfunction: One Dress Rips, Another Saves

Beyonce wardrobe malfunction

Beyoncé reportedly suffered a major wardrobe malfunction shortly before a recent fashion show. According to Us Weekly, the wardrobe malfunction took place at the Los Angeles presentation of Tom Ford’s Autumn/Fall collection for women. Beyoncé, Jay Z & Tom Ford. #TFLA #TomFord — BEYONCÉ LEGION (@Bey_Legion) February 21, 2015 The report claims that the… Read more »

Ledisi Plans New CD After Beyoncé Pushes Her Away At Grammys

Beyoncé and Ledisi

Ledisi was the original performer of the song “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” from the movie Selma. However, it was alleged that Beyoncé tried to steal Ledisi’s spotlight by demanding to perform that song at this month’s Grammy Awards. The Huffington Post wasn’t happy about Beyoncé‘s alleged move. “Beyoncé wanted to sing it, and we… Read more »

Beyoncé Backlash Is Brewing: Is Kanye West Partially To Blame?

Bad times ahead for Beyoncé?

In 2014, Beyoncé could do no wrong. She was riding high from the release of her self-titled surprise album in late 2013 and won praise for just about every public performance. But there was a huge disconnect between the public and the media, leaving many (probably falsely) accusing her of paying media outlets to hype… Read more »

Kanye West Confirms Taylor Swift Studio Collaboration

Kanye West Taylor Swift

Kanye West may have repeated his Taylor Swift VMA Awards faux pas with Beck at the Grammy Awards this year, but it looks like his former misstep comes with a silver lining. Kanye has confirmed that he and Taylor will collaborate together in the studio in an interview with Ryan Seacrest Wednesday on his podcast,… Read more »

Rihanna, Blue Ivy Share Precious Moment At The Grammys [Photo]

Rihanna Blue Ivy

Rihanna and Blue Ivy shared a precious moment at the 2015 Grammy Awards, and it was caught by a camera. According to Mail Online, RiRi took a moment to chat with — and hug – 3-year-old Blue, who attended the show with her parents Jay Z and Beyonce. The site even likened Rihanna to Blue’s… Read more »

Katy Perry Halftime Performance Crushes Beyoncé And Madonna

Katy Perry rules the Super Bowl.

Madonna and Beyoncé may have excited audiences during the Super Bowl Halftime Show in the past, but it’s Katy Perry who absolutely crushed the millions watching the show on Sunday. Perry has garnered critical acclaim for her performance beyond what any female artist has received in the past. The New York Times describes how Katy… Read more »