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Gummy Bear Battle: German Company Wins Trademark Violation Lawsuit

Lindt Teddy

Berlin, Germany – A gummy bear manufacturer has won a legal battle over what it felt was a trademark violation by a Swiss candy company, according to The Associated Press. Haribo GmbH previously claimed that Lindt’s gold foil-wrapped chocolate teddy bear was a violation of its “Gold Bear” gummy bear. Although the offending product was… Read more »

World’s Rarest Dog Is Genetically Unsafe

Rarest Dog In The World Population Is Dwindling

Fewer than 500 of the world’s rarest dogs-the Ethiopian wolf-are genetically coming apart, scientist have said. The world’s rarest dog is Africa’s only species of wolf and a 12-year study suggests that only a small amount of gene flow exists in the small populations. This means the wolves are at a greater risk of extinction… Read more »