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Over 19 Million Social Security Numbers Stolen From Background Checks

social security numbers

Over 21 million social security numbers were reportedly stolen in a massive data breach conducted in May. The Daily Mail reports that, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 19.7 million of the victims affected by the data breach applied for security clearances to qualify for government jobs. USA: Hackers stole Social Security numbers… Read more »

Texas Army Veteran Denied Second Amendment Rights

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Texas Army veteran Ron Kelly has been stripped of his Second Amendment rights. The retired soldier was shocked to find his name flagged during a gun ownership background check at a Tomball Walmart. More than four decades ago, Kelly was arrested with a baggie of pot. The probation-only minor misdemeanor offense thwarted his attempt to… Read more »

The Battle Over Obama’s Sketchy Background Check Statistics

President Obama on background checks

If President Obama wants to sell stricter gun control to the nation, he’s going to need to pick up some more relevant and accurate statistics to back his argument, according to several fact-checking outlets. As the POTUS heads to Colorado Wednesday to push such legislation, some are questioning the validity of his rhetoric and the… Read more »