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Congress Passes The ABLE Act To Benefit Disabled Children

The ABLE Act helps parents plan for the futures of their children with disabilities.

In a huge show of bipartisan support, the ABLE Act passed congress with a 404-17 vote on Wednesday. The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act, known as the ABLE Act, is aimed at helping parents provide for the future of their children who have disabilities without worrying about penalties or other obstacles. The new bill… Read more »

Marijuana Legalization Won’t Open Door to Autism Research


On Tuesday, Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia all voted to legalize recreational marijuana, bolstering the prediction of experts such as Harvard professor emeritus Lester Grinspoon, MD, who has declared the end of the seventy-year American prohibition of marijuana “inevitable.” But despite this growing acceptance — medical marijuana is available in nearly half the… Read more »

Scientists Link 100 Genes To Autism


Scientists have linked up to 100 genes to the development of autism. A recent study, which was published in the medical journal Nature, suggests the disorder is likely caused by genetic, as opposed to environmental, factors. Researchers have identified up to 100 genes that increase the chances of developing autism by 90 percent. The identified… Read more »

Autism: New Study Says Broccoli Sprouts Can Eliminate Symptoms


The effects of a chemical derived from broccoli sprouts can have overwhelming positive effects on the symptoms of those with Autism, says a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study was a joint effort by scientists at Mass General Hospital for Children and the Johns Hopkins University School… Read more »

Nick Lachey Shares Personal Experience With Autism

Nick Lachey

The former 98 Degrees hottie, Nick Lachey, is opening up about his own personal experience with autism, a super sensitive topic in today’s world. Lachey shares that his younger brother, Zac, was diagnosed with autism when he was seven. Nick hasn’t spoken publicly of the topic before in consideration for his brother. Zac, who is… Read more »

Chili’s Cancels Nationwide Autism Fundraiser; Cites Vaccine Backlash

Chili's has cancelled a planned autism fundraiser due to 'customer backlash' over vaccinations

A planned nationwide fundraiser at most of Chili’s 1,200 restaurants, to benefit the National Autism Association was cancelled due to customer backlash over vaccines. The fundraiser, to honor National Autism Awareness Month, would have allowed patrons to donate 10 percent of their Monday check toward the drive. The customer backlash was apparently caused by a… Read more »

Autism May Occur Before Birth

Autism Occurs Before Birth

A new brain study is showing that autism very likely begins before birth. The study compares brain samples of 11 children with autism, to 11 without autism, all of whom passed away at a young age. In 10 out of the 11 children with autism, patches of abnormal development in the brain tissue were found,… Read more »

Jenny McCarthy Wants You To Know, Her Son Still Has Autism

Jenny McCarthy To Sue Over Autism Report

Jenny McCarthy may have had fun smooching with beau Donnie Wahlberg on national television in Times Square New Year’s Eve, but the party quickly ended for the Playboy-Playmate-of-the-Year-turned-comedian-turned-talk-show-host. An article appeared January 3 on the entertainment news site Radar Online, claiming that in an interview with Time Magazine, the 41-year-old former model said that her… Read more »

Family Speaks, Autistic Boy Hate Letter ‘Disgusting’

autistic boy hate letter

What has been referred to as the “autistic boy hate letter” since it went viral this week was indeed a shocking missive of hatred aimed at a 13-year-old kid and his family, and the highly shared note has drawn worldwide ire against the person who (likely anonymously) wrote it. The autistic boy hate letter went… Read more »

Inducing Labor Linked With Higher Autism Risk In Latest Study

Autism Linked To Inducing Labor

Inducing and speeding up labor can lead to a higher risk of autism, according to a new study. The study involved data from the North Carolina Detailed Birth Record and Education Research databases, including 625,042 live births. Of those, 5,500 were diagnosed with autism. Induced labor happens when a doctor or nurse intervenes in a… Read more »

Drake Autism Apology Not A ‘Cop-Out’, Rapper Claims

Drake Autism apology is not a 'cop-out', rapper says

Drake’s Autism apology was not a “cop-out”, says the rapper. Every once in a while you hear a rapper say something extremely controversial, and either they apologize for it, like Drake did, or they stand behind it and become notorious, like older rappers such as Ice Cube. Of course, that was before Ice Cube lost… Read more »

Autism, MMR Vaccine, Measles Linked By Courts

Autism, MMR Vaccine, Measles Linked By Courts

Autism and the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine are being linked by US court decisions. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, autism and marijuana are an interesting combination, with tests on mice showing “dramatic behavioral improvements in maze tests measuring anxiety and open-space acceptance.” Back in 1996, Dr. Andrew Wakefield released a paper declaring stomach… Read more »