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Mark Twain In Motion: Only Know Footage of Irascible Author Restored


Samuel Clemens, known more readily to most people as Mark Twain, has had a resurgence in popularity this year. Perhaps one reason behind the famously sardonic author’s return to the pop culture spotlight is the fact that the Mark Twain House celebrated its 140th anniversary in September. In addition, there are those looking to the… Read more »

Joe McGinniss, Pioneering Journalist Who Courted Controversy, Dies At 71

Joe McGinniss

Joe McGinniss, a groundbreaking journalist whose book The Selling of the President 1968, prophetically foreshadowed how political candidates have come to be marketed like consumer products, has died after a two-year battle with prostate cancer. A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, McGinnis was 71 when he passed away Monday afternoon at UMass Memorial Medical Center in… Read more »