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Medicare Fraud: 243 People Charged With $712 Million In False Billings

Medicare Fraud

After a nationwide sweep, the government has charged 243 people for Medicare fraud, which involved $712 million in false billings. At a press conference on Thursday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell made the announcement. Lynch described the arrests as the largest criminal health care fraud… Read more »

Loretta Lynch’s View On Big Banks Could Be Key To Nomination

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch might have an uphill battle when it comes to her confirmation hearings in front of a newly Republican-controlled Senate. One way in which the Attorney General nominee could ford those dangerous waters would be to make it clear that she plans to aggressively pursue big banks which have attempted to take advantage of… Read more »

Loretta Lynch: The Truth About Obama’s Chosen Attorney General

Loretta Lynch

President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General this past Saturday. The nation has been abuzz about Lynch and her new position in the U.S. government, but not much is known about her career and her past. Here is a quick breakdown of everything you should know about Loretta Lynch…. Read more »

GOP: Attorney General Pick Must Be ‘Willing To Oppose’ President, Or Else

Attorney General nominee

Ongoing relations with the Obama Administration and Congressional Republicans can possibly sour more in the upcoming months. With the president’s nomination of Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General, two GOP senators want to make one thing perfectly clear: Unless the AG nominee is willing to denounce Barack Obama’s planned amnesty executive order on immigration, confirmation… Read more »

Energy Drink Lawsuit: Do 5-Hour Energy’s Ads Mislead?

5-Hour Energy targeted in false advertising energy drink lawsuit

Three states have now joined together in suing Living Essentials, the makers of 5-Hour Energy. The energy drink lawsuit claims that the company’s ads are deceptive and deliberately misleading. A spokesperson for Living Essentials says that it’s not true, and that they’ll fight the lawsuit. According to Reuters, Washington, Oregon, and Vermont have already filed… Read more »

Elderly Man Faces Decade In Prison For Growing Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes

Larry Harvey

Federal authorities are seeking lengthy prison term for a rural elderly man growing marijuana for medicinal purposes. Pot dispensaries are now commonplace in Washington, the state is currently in the process of licensing residents to grow and sell recreational marijuana. Despite the marijuana business set to thrive in Washington, five Spokane residents will soon enter… Read more »

Eric Holder Hospitalized After Shortness Of Breath Incident At Meeting

eric holder chest pains

UPDATE – Attorney General Eric Holder underwent further evaluation at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and has now been released. Additional information about the federal official’s condition is expected to be forthcoming from the Department of Justice. Eric Holder, 63, told staffers at the meeting that he was not feeling well around 9:30 am. The Attorney… Read more »

Arkansas Armed Teachers Idea Shot Down By Attorney General

Arkansas Armed Teachers Plan Nixed By State's AG

Arkansas armed teacher plans have been shot down by Dustin McDaniel, the state’s attorney general, according to a Friday report from The Associated Press via USA Today. The plan, championed by Clarksville School District superintendent David Hopkins, would have armed 20 teachers and staff with 9mm handguns. Identities of the teachers would have (obviously) been… Read more »