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Man Fights Off Leopard Using Just A Stick, Video Goes Viral

Leopard attack in India

An Indian man is being hailed a hero after a video showing him singlehandedly fighting off a leopard with just a stick went viral. According to the Times Of India, the man in the video has been identified as Balram who works as a security/watchman in the village of Olani in the central Indian state… Read more »

Seagulls Brutally Attack People And Terrorize Communities

Seagulls Attacking People

Seagulls have terrorized and attacked people in ways similar to scenes taken straight out of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds. Assaults on local citizens and tourists are to the point where people are forced to stay home, as well as wear protective gear when venturing outside of their homes. Take 70-year-old Margaret Robertson, for example…. Read more »

Fatal Shark Attack Streamed Live Online, Hunt For Great White Begins

Authorities are now scouring the area for any sign of the large white shark thought to be responsible

Australian authorities are on the hunt for a great white shark, after the animal killed a surfer in an attack that was streamed live online by cameras facing the surf. The death of surfer Tadashi Nakahara at Ballina yesterday was the second fatal shark attack on the north coast in five months, according to News.Com.Au…. Read more »

Teen’s Offensive Farting Ignites Fight At Staten Island High School

offensive flatulence

South Richmond High School in Staten Island, New York, may become a fart-free zone following an unfortunate classroom farting incident in which one teen’s flatulence was apparently so offensive that another teen felt she had no choice but to mount an offensive of her own, attacking the teen that allegedly did the farting and ultimately… Read more »

Crocodile Attacks Handler In Australian Wildlife Park

Jenkins' wife noted that her husband misjudged the crocodile's speed.

An animal handler who owns a Queensland wildlife park was attacked by a crocodile during a show this weekend, suffering substantial injuries to his head and left hand. The attack took place at the Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo, which is located near Childers, south of Bundaberg, according to the Daily Mail. Ian Jenkins,… Read more »

Police Taser Monkey: Primate Attacks Kids During Chocolate-Fueled Rampage

Monkey Tased by police

It’s commonplace to hear of incidents involving human suspects being subdued by a stun gun during interaction with law enforcement. However, when police Taser a monkey, it makes headlines news, as in this case of a chocolate-loving monkey who attacked school children during a chocolate-fueled rampage in France recently, according to a Mirror news report…. Read more »

Tiger Shark Attacks Surfer In Hawaii, Nearly Dragging Her Out To Sea

The attack follows a trio of incidents that took place over the last week.

A recent string of attacks in Hawaii attributed to tiger sharks continued this week, as a 34-year-old Kailua-Kona woman was struck while surfing with a friend in North Kohala. McKenzie Clark was paddling her surfboard in murky water near the Halaula Lighthouse on Friday, according to West Hawaii Today, when the tiger shark approached her…. Read more »

Tiger Shark Attacks Maui Surfer, Bites Board

A 12 to 14 foot tiger shark was responsible for the attack, which occured in dirty water.

Crews worked to clear a section of beach in South Maui on Saturday, after a confirmed shark bite incident left one surfer with a row of teeth marks in his board and a lucky escape. Though the surfer was uninjured, he appeared shaken by the shark attack, according to witnesses who spoke with The Maui… Read more »