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Students Pepper Sprayed By Classmates, High School Evacuated

High School evacuated after children spray classmates with pepper spray.

On Wednesday morning during a class change at Douglas County High School (roughly 20-miles from Atlanta), students sprayed pepper spray in the hallways. Around 10:15a people began showing symptoms of the pepper spray affecting them. “I feel like this air like a wood chipper is going down my throat and I’m coughing like crazy and… Read more »

Delta Airlines Plane Loses Wing Access Panel Midflight, Lands Safely

damaged wing

Passengers and crew travelling inside a Delta Airlines flight from Orlando to Atlanta had a few anxious moments when one of the plane’s wing access panels got dislodged midflight. The Delta Airlines Flight 2412 with 179 passengers and six crew members landed safely at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport following the dislodgement, CNN reports. The plane… Read more »

Supermarket Shooting In Georgia As Panicked Residents Stock Up For Storm

Supermarket shooting site in Georgia

A supermarket shooting in the Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville, Georgia, left two women wounded as they shopped. Residents still traumatized by a freak winter snowstorm in late January were rushing to stock up for Winter Storm Pax, expected to wallop the Deep South today and Wednesday when the shooting sent the Kroger supermarket into a… Read more »

Wedding Reception Canceled, Donated To The Homeless

Wedding reception canceled, donated to Atlanta homeless

A wedding reception was canceled and donated to the homeless in Atlanta. Normally a wedding reception is a joyous event where the newlywed couple shares a public display of affection for all of their friends and relatives. This particular reception ended up being joyous for a totally different reason. The couple in question canceled the… Read more »

‘Take Down Flag,’ Homeowners Association Tells US Veteran

'Take Down Flag,' HOA Tells Decorated US Vet

A “take down flag” order has been given to decorated US veteran Jim Lowe of Atlanta, but this is one directive the former Marine has no intention of following, according to a recent report from Fox 5 Atlanta. Lowe, a resident of Atlanta’s Sun City Community, flies two flags in front of his home —… Read more »

Jesse Hill, Jr., Civil Rights Leader, Dies At 86

Civil Rights Leader

Legendary civil rights pioneer and activist Jesse Hill, Jr., has died at the age of 86. The cause of death has not been released. The Associated Press reports that the news of the activist’s death came Sunday from David Stokes of the Atlanta Inquirer. Stokes, Deputy Editor for the newspaper, was given the news on… Read more »

Blaque’s Natina Reed, 32, Hit By Car And Killed In Atlanta

natina reed blaque death

The girl-group Blaque’s Natina Reed, who also starred in the 90s hit Bring It On, was killed early today in what was initially reported to be a hit-and-run accident in Atlanta, Georgia. Natina Reed’s 33rd birthday would have been tomorrow, but the R&B star’s former bandmates have confirmed her death after the accident at approximately… Read more »

New York Pub Plans To Honor Nemesis Chipper Jones, Renames Bar

New York Bar Honors Chipper Jones

Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones has announced that this season will be his last, something that no doubt came as a relief to fans of the New York Mets, the Braves’ perennial division rival. While New York fans may hate Chipper Jones for all the grief he’s caused them, they also respect him, and… Read more »