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Brawl Breaks Out Between Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family, Cops Called

Bobbi Kristina Brown

A brawl broke out between family members of Bobbi Kristina Brown early Friday morning, resulting in one family member needing treatment at a local hospital and the cops being called. The physical altercation occurred between Bobby Brown’s sister, Tina Brown, and his cousin, Shayne Brown, at the W. Midtown Atlanta Hotel. The Browns have been… Read more »

Delta Airline Baggage Handler Accused Of Trafficking Firearms To New York

delta airplane

A Delta baggage handler working at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta has been arrested by federal agents for helping to smuggle firearms onto passenger flights to New York. According to a FBI affidavit, there is sufficient evidence to charge Eugene Harvey, 31, with trafficking the firearms in addition to violating airport security. Harvey allegedly… Read more »

Can Anything Stop ‘The Walking Dead’?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead features a ragtag group of everyday nobodies struggling for survival against a seemingly unstoppable zombie hoard. Now, in its fifth season, the AMC juggernaut is the unstoppable force, and the rest of the networks are the ones struggling to fight them off. As recently reported by Forbes, The Walking Dead recently beat… Read more »

New Secret Service Breach: Armed Felon In Elevator With Obama


Secret Service protocols were violated earlier this month when an armed felon was allowed into an elevator with President Obama, a situation that could have potentially put his life in danger. According to The Washington Post, an armed security contractor with three prior convictions for assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with President… Read more »

TB Outbreak In Atlanta, Georgia: 47 Infected, 3 Dead

Tuberculosis outbreak rages through homeless shelters in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the entire world on edge about Ebola, people are remaining vigilant about their health. Vigilance, in some cases, is even replaced with out-right paranoia. A doctor infected with Ebola was transported to Atlanta, Georgia recently. The transportation of the patient caused fear to tear through the population despite the CDC assuring citizens that there… Read more »

Ebola-Infected Doctor Arrives In Georgia, Evoking Fear In U.S. Citizens

Dr. Kent Brantly said to be doing better after being transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta

Reports on the Ebola outbreak in Africa have been flooding news sources since the very beginning. Ebola causes viral hemorrhagic fever which is a virus group that affects several organ systems and is accompanied by bleeding. Symptoms of Ebola infection include fever, weakness, headaches, sore throat, and muscle pain. In more severe cases of Ebola,… Read more »

Smallpox Virus Vials Found In Unsecured Government Storage Room


Forgotten vials of the Smallpox virus were found in an unsecured government lab storage room in the Washington, D.C. area. Workers cleaning out the old research center storage room were quite shocked when they stumbled across several old vials of Smallpox inside a cardboard box. Since the vials of the deadly disease were left at… Read more »

Atlanta Bomb Threat: Downtown On Lockdown [Breaking]

bomb threat atlanta

A bomb threat in Atlanta forced the downtown area into lockdown as the bomb squad investigates. Just after 4 a.m. this morning a heavy police presence was evident in the area of Underground Atlanta. Witnesses are now reporting hearing an explosion. Fox News breaking reports indicate that the sounds likely stem from the bomb squad… Read more »

Atlanta Courthouse Shooting [Breaking]

forsyth county courthouse shooting

An Atlanta courthouse shooting occurred this morning, leaving one Forsyth Sheriff Deputy injured, if breaking news reports on CNN are accurate. Deputies responded to a shots fired called in at the Forsyth County Courthouse just after 10 am. Witnesses around the building report hearing “two or three pops.” The scene is now believed to be… Read more »

Southwest Fined Again For Inaccurate Ads

A Southwest airplane in flight.

You’ve probably seen Southwest’s ads showing popular destinations and promising low fares. You may have even thought “That sounds too good to be true”, and you may have been right. According to an Associated Press article posted by ABC News, the Department of Transportation hit Southwest with a whopping $200,000 in fines this week for… Read more »

FedEx Shooting Witnesses: Suspect Armed ‘Like He Was Rambo’


In the wake of the shooting spree at an Atlanta FedEx warehouse yesterday, witnesses are coming forward saying that the gunman arrived at the plant looking “like he was heading into war.” The shooter – identified as 19-year-old Geddy L Kramer, a baggage handler from Acworth, Ga. – arrived at the 500,000 square foot FedEx… Read more »

Students Pepper Sprayed By Classmates, High School Evacuated

High School evacuated after children spray classmates with pepper spray.

On Wednesday morning during a class change at Douglas County High School (roughly 20-miles from Atlanta), students sprayed pepper spray in the hallways. Around 10:15 people began showing symptoms of the pepper spray affecting them. “I feel like this air like a wood chipper is going down my throat and I’m coughing like crazy and… Read more »