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Japanese Probe Sets Out To Discover The Origins Of Life

The Japanese Probe, Hayabusa 2, lifts off to retrieve samples from an asteroid thought to hold key compounds necessary for the creation of life on Earth.

A Japanese probe, the Hayabusa 2, launched from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center Tuesday evening on a mission to find the origins of life on Earth. The launch of the probe had been twice postponed due to inclement weather, but the Japanese probe has now successfully launched and is on course to intercept an asteroid. Before… Read more »

Two NEEMO Missions Prepare Astronauts For Asteroid Landing

preparing for neemo

When we think of NASA, the usual thought process takes us out of this world into the vast reaches of space, where a great void would be our demise if our life-sustaining equipment were to fail. NASA is all about extreme environments, and they want to make sure that the equipment they take off this… Read more »

Scientists Reconstruct Massive Ancient Impact On Earth


Scientists around the globe have banded together to solve the mystery of a place known as Barberton greenstone belt in South Africa where a 300 mile wide portion appeared to be a giant crater. Today they announced their findings which blew the minds of people across the globe. If you thought the dinosaurs had it… Read more »

NASA Aims To Give The Moon A Moon Of Its Own

nasa moon for the moon

No, NASA didn’t hire Q from the set of Star Trek in their latest and most interesting plans, but the results won’t be so different as news starts circulating on their ideas for our closest companion, the moon. In a hearing played out before the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science and Space, known as “From… Read more »

Moon, Asteroid Hit By Asteroid Collision Storm Lasting Millions Of Years

moon, asteroid Vesta hit by asteroid storm

Both the earth’s moon and the large asteroid Vesta were victims of a widespread cataclysm caused by multiple high-speed smaller asteroids that rained down on them for hundreds of millions of years. Considering that Vesta is very distant from the earth, the evidence suggested that the bombardments must have affected all of the planets and… Read more »

Asteroid In 2040 Won’t Hit Earth, Says NASA

asteroid in 2040

An asteroid in 2040 will not impact Earth. Asteroid 2011 AG5 is expected to fly by Earth in the year 2040. Scientists were worried that the 460-foot wide posed a threat, but new observations show that the asteroid in 2040 will not come close to hitting the earth. reports that 2011 AG5 was discovered… Read more »

NASA: Asteroid Will Miss Earth Despite Uncertainties

2011 AG5 Past to Earth

NASA scientists and their research partners are convinced that Asteroid 2011 AG5 will miss Earth when it passes close by our orbit in February 2040. Scientists previously placed the chance at a collision at less than 1 percent. Scientists originally were not sure of the asteroid’s direct path and asked for further observation. New observations… Read more »