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Duck Commander Phil Robertson Gives Son Advice On Sex And Marriage

Phil Robertson has plenty of advice and practical help to give son Jep in a recent Duck Dynasty episode.

Duck Commander Phil Robertson is seldom without something pointed – and often controversial – to say, especially when it comes to marriage and family issues. In a related story, the Duck Commander company – not to be confused with the Duck Dynasty show itself or the A&E Network – has recently entered an agreement to… Read more »

Iran’s ‘Argo’ Lawsuit Will Include More US Films

Iran Hollywood Lawsuit

Iran’s proposed lawsuit against Argo and Hollywood will reportedly include more US films. French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre said the country’s case against the movie industry will include more motion pictures that portray the government and its people in a negative light. “I’ll be defending Iran against films that have been made by Hollywood to distort… Read more »

Iran Hates ‘Argo,’ Wants To Sue Hollywood

Iran Sues Argo

Officials in Iran hate Argo so much that they are considering a lawsuit against Hollywood. The government is reportedly in talks with French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre in order to launch a lawsuit against someone over the “unrealistic portrayal” of Iran in Ben Affleck’s film. The decision to sue Hollywood or the filmmakers associated with Argo… Read more »

Awards Watch: Oscar Pulls Surprises And Snubs While ‘Lincoln’ Rises

The Academy Awards

If you were following our awards season, you may be wondering, “What the heck happened?” upon hearing the Oscar nominations this morning. While there were some solid choices by the Academy, there was some mind boggling ones as well, which resulted in surprises, snubs, and the usual suspects. Let’s get started shall we? The huge… Read more »

Ben Affleck Gives Lesson On Post Car Accident Etiquette

ben affleck

Accidents happen. And when you take care of them like Ben Afleck, they tend to go away pretty quickly. The Argo director was recently involved in a minor car accident in Santa Monica, California. The A-list star was driving when he accidentally clipped a parked car and broke its rear-view mirror. Other actors, (ahem, Amanda… Read more »

Ben Affleck May Direct Justice League Film

Director Ben Affleck

Can director-writer-actor Ben Affleck right all his wrongs for starring in Daredevil? It looks like he may have a second chance to catch some of that action gold, but this time he’ll be behind the screen with Justice League. According to Variety, Warner Bros., a studio that often collaborates with Ben Affleck, claims that Affleck… Read more »