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Apple iPad Stylus ‘Likely To Launch’ Against Steve Jobs’ Wishes

iPad stylus

If you have been waiting for an Apple iPad stylus, you may not have to wait very much longer. Recent reports claim that a stylus for the popular Apple tablet could possibly be in development for a rumored, revamped version. Apple Insider provided a little more insight on the rumored reports that have been circulating… Read more »

Nickel Allergy In Children: Are Apple iPads To Blame?

iPad Nickel Allergy

Is your child suffering from unexplained bouts of allergic rashes and itches? Have you been to the doctor and could not find any probable reason that is causing the condition? It could be likely that they might be suffering from nickel allergy. Also, you might want to check if they use an Apple iPad —… Read more »

Microsoft Ad Claims iPad ‘Fails When You Need It Most’

Microsoft Ad Attacks iPad multi-tasking

A new Microsoft ad for Windows 8 tablets claims that the iPad fails when users need it the most. In the ad, a Windows 8 tablet user stands next to an iPad user as the two men attempt to scout a minor league baseball pitcher. As both men take video calls on their devices, they… Read more »

Doctors Are Choosing iPad Tablets Over Other Devices, Survey Says

Electronic Health Records On The iPad

When it comes to technology, doctors overwhelmingly choose the Apple iPad over other Android- and Windows 8-based options. A new study known as the Black Book Rankings survey suggested that more doctors have begun to take advantage of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) on mobile devices. The move towards electronic record keeping is largely due to… Read more »

Apple iPad Gets Its Own Oscars Commercial, Touts Movies And Technology

Apple iPad Oscars Commercial

The Apple iPad attempted to steal a little bit of Oscars spotlight on Sunday when the Cupertino, California based company showed off its newest iPad ad. The commercial features a film-themed homage based around the user interface found on the current generations of Apple’s popular tablet device. While the ad did a good job of… Read more »

Apple And NYPD Form Partnership, Hope To Stop iDevice Theft

Apple iPad and iPhone Theft in NYC

So many Apple iPhone and iPad devices are stolen in New York City that the company has partnered with the NYPD to retrieve those lost devices. The New York Police Department has assembled a dedicated team whose sole mission it is to hunt down stolen Apple devices and identify thieves. The program works by having… Read more »

Apple iPad 128GB Announced, Goes On Sale February 5

Apple 128GB iPad

Apple on Tuesday officially announced the upcoming release of the iPad 128GB. The new memory capacity will be offered via Apple’s fourth generation model. The Cupertino, California company will offer the new iPad in both Wi-Fi only ($799) and Wi-Fi + Cellular ($929) models. The new memory options will also feature black and white model… Read more »

128GB Apple iPad Rumored To Be In The Works

Apple iPad 128GB

Apple is rumored to be prepping a 128GB Apple iPad, the first 128GB version of the company’s popular tablet PC line. 9to5Mac discovered a new iPad SKU for its fourth-generation device that will soon arrive on retailer store shelves. The Apple reporting website also reveals that the SKU features the name “ultimate” in its title…. Read more »

Apple iPads And Free Engraving Promoted For Valentine’s Day

Apple Valentines Day Offer

Apple is offering free shipping, free engraving, and discounted iPad accessories as part of the company’s push to reel in the Valentine’s Day shopping crowd. On Tuesday, Apple launched a special Valentine’s Day promotion on its website. The promotion focuses on iPad and iPad mini gift ideas alongside a wide assortment of accessory categories for… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab Doesn’t Infringe iPad Design, Says Dutch Court

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad Dutch Court

The Samsung Galaxy Tab did not infringe on the design patents held by the Apple iPad, that according to a district court in The Hague. The lawsuit in question focused on the Galaxy Tab’s rounded corners, specifically those found on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, and Galaxy Tab 7.7. Apple claimed that the… Read more »

Apple iPad, iPad Mini LTE Tablets Cleared For Sale In China


Apple, Inc. has received permission to sell Apple iPad and iPad Mini LTE tablets in China. Chinese authorities approved the company’s request on Tuesday, allowing the tech firm to begin fourth-generation sales for its 3G + LTE capable devices. The license approval was first reported by China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center. The approval includes sales… Read more »