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USPTO Withdraws Main Objections To Apple iPad Mini Trademark

Apple iPad Mini

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has withdrawn its main objection to Apple’s trademark filing for the Apple iPad mini. A USPTO examiner recently denied Apple’s filing because the name was viewed as descriptive. Apple instead of submitting proper paperwork also simply printed out a sales page for the iPad mini. Apple printed… Read more »

Apple iPad, iPad Mini LTE Tablets Cleared For Sale In China


Apple, Inc. has received permission to sell Apple iPad and iPad Mini LTE tablets in China. Chinese authorities approved the company’s request on Tuesday, allowing the tech firm to begin fourth-generation sales for its 3G + LTE capable devices. The license approval was first reported by China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center. The approval includes sales… Read more »

iPad Mini Now On Sale Through AT&T, Verizon, And Sprint

iPad Mini 4G LTE

iPad Mini devices with 4G LTE service are now on sale at AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless stores. The device is expected to be so popular that Sprint Wireless is offering customers the chance to purchase a $50 gift card which will reserve one of the mini tablets. The gift card can then be used… Read more »

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Sales Increase After iPad Mini Revealed

Kindle Fire HD

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD line of devices have witnessed increased sales since Apple’s reveal of the all new iPad Mini. According to the company sales for its moderately priced $199 tablet shot up following Apple’s Wednesday press conference. According to an Amazon representative the day following the Apple announcement was the Kindle Fire HD’s… Read more »

Apple Unveils iPad Mini, New Macs In California

Apple Reveals iPad Mini

Apple officially unveiled its iPad mini on Tuesday — a move that Steve Jobs said would never happen. Along with announcing the highly anticipated device, the press event in California also saw the revelation of a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple CEO Tim Cook and vice president of marketing Phil Schiller took the stage during… Read more »

Apple iPad Mini Production To Hit 4 Million Units In September

Apple iPad Mini Production in September 2012

Four million Apple iPad minis will be produced by suppliers in September according to an unnamed source who spoke with tech publication DigiTimes. The same source suggests that, in preparation for a massive product manufacturing cycle, some suppliers have already began small-scale production, building several hundred thousand iPad mini devices in June. It is believed… Read more »

iPad Mini and Apple iTV Products Both In ‘Full Production’ [Report]

Apple iTV

Apple is currently producing iPad Mini and Apple iTV devices for release by the end of 2012. According to analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies, the company’s manufacturing partners are working at full speed to get both products ready for release. Misek notes that Taiwanese sales data from July and information from various sources confirms that… Read more »

Internal Apple Document Reveals iPad Mini Aspirations

Apple iPad Mini

The Apple-Samsung patent trial has revealed some juicy details about Apple’s plans for an iPad Mini. An internal Apple document revealed in court on Saturday that Apple’s tablet division has been eyeing a Amazon Kindle Fire competitor for some time now, keeping an eye on other products so they could develop their own form of… Read more »

Apple iPad Mini To Launch In Q3, Cost Less Than $300

Apple iPad Mini Rumors For Q3 2012

Reports are circulating that Apple will launch a iPad Mini device in Q3 2011, a tablet that will be smaller than the company’s current iPads and offer a more approachable price tag for many Americans who have shied away from the company’s $499 devices. According to Chinese-language news site NetEase the “iPad mini” will be… Read more »