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Anonymous Protests World Cup Spending By Hacking Brazilian Government Websites

rio slum riots

Joining the growing protests at the 2014 World Cup, Anonymous defaced several Brazilian government websites today and hacked into the Brazilian Foreign Ministry’s server, compromising emails and attachments. In addition to the hacktivists from Anonymous, the World Cup has attracted protesters from all over the world. They are outraged that the rampant poverty in Brazil… Read more »

Op-Israel: Anonymous Strikes Israeli Sites, Israeli Hackers Hit Back


Anonymous, the hacking group that has exposed rapists, attacked corporate America and hit the Westboro Baptist Church may have met their match today. The group has a strong following among Arab hackers and today their wing launched Op-Israel. Op-Israel was an attack on Israeli governmental and private websites in the hope of disrupting the Israeli… Read more »

Anonymous Stole 100,000 Government Workers’ Information, FBI Claims

Server Hacking

Anonymous, a group of self-described activist hackers, began a campaign targeting US government agency computers nearly a year ago. According to the FBI, in that time Anonymous’ hackers managed to gain access to more than 100,000 government and contract workers’ personal information from at least one agency. According to Yahoo! News, the hacker group took… Read more »

Rehtaeh Parsons Suicide Sparks Social Outcry, Appeal To Anonymous

Rehtaeh Parsons suicide

Rehtaeh Parsons’ suicide has caused a massive outpouring of grief as well as a call for justice on social media including an apparent appeal to the Internet hactivist group known as Anonymous. Parsons is remembered as a beautiful and happy-go-lucky girl whose life was devastated by a gang rape and eventual bullying from her peers…. Read more »

Anonymous Hacks North Korean Website, Steals 15,000 User Profiles

Anonymous Hacks North Korea

The hacker collective Anonymous has managed to successfully hack into the Chinese-hosted North Korean news site The group walked away with 15,000 user records including user names, e-mail addresses, birth dates, and hashed passwords. After announcing the hack, Anonymous displayed the personal information for six users, three from Korea and three from China. One… Read more »