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Animals As Victims Law: Do Harsher Punishments Go Too Far?

Animals As Victims Law: Should It Have Passed?

A new animals as victims law will increase the level of punishment for animal abusers by affording the same rights and protections to mistreated dogs, cats, horses, etc., as what is given to a human crime victim. The Oregon Supreme Court reached their decision this week, according to The Dodo. From the report: The Oregon… Read more »

Steven Spielberg Hunting Photo Sparks Hilarious Online Outrage

celebrity hunters

Anti-hunting advocates went ballistic when a photo of Steven Spielberg with a dead animal was posted online. Those who engaged in the social network bashing must not have looked very closely at the image of the renowned director and the “dead” critter behind him — it was a dinosaur. The Kendall Jones hunting photos featuring… Read more »

Dog Involved In The Viral ‘Cat Rescues Boy Video’ Is Euthanized

Dog that bit kid euthanized

The infamous dog that attacked a 4-year-old boy in a viral video has been euthanized, reports The Bakersfield Californian. The surveillance camera video of the dog attacking the child and the boy’s pet cat coming to the resue was released two weeks ago turning the cat, Tara, into an immediate celebrity. The 4-year-old victim, later… Read more »

Liam Neeson’s Supportive Views About Horse Carriages Upsets Animal Lovers

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has upset many animal lovers. Protestors gathered in hoards outside Neeson’s apartment in Manhattan to openly convey their displeasure at the actor openly supporting ‘animal cruelty’ Liam has openly lent his support to horse–drawn carriages. He is of the firm opinion that the horses which are used to draw vintage era carriages for… Read more »

Unlucky Thieves Steal Van With Adult Male Lion In The Back


This is truly a tale for a late night comedian. Recently, aspiring car thieves decided to grab a convenient Mercedes van in the German city of Wuppertal, thinking they made a great score by grabbing a valuable vehicle. The bungling burglars jumped into their new ride and drove off, not realizing they had just stolen… Read more »

Python Hunters Wanted In Florida For Hunting Contest

Python Hunters Wanted In Florida For Hunting Contest

Miami, FL – Python hunters are wanted in Florida for a hunting contest. Burmese pythons apparently have become a threat to the Florida ecosystem, so the state is looking to cull the python population by forming a public python hunting contest. According to CNN, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has announced the 2013… Read more »

Joanna Krupa Strips For PETA Ad

PETA joanna krupa go naked ads

Joanna Krupa naked on a PETA advertisement is causing a bit more of a stir than the animal rights group’s previous celebrity nude photos. The supermodel turned Real Housewives of Miami reality show star struck the standard discreetly naked pose used many celebrity models in one photo. A second image PETA used to deter people… Read more »

Swimming With Tigers Is Now Offered At A Private Zoo In Florida

Dade City Wild Things swimming with tigers

Swimming with tigers is a hot new trend at a private zoo in Florida. The controversial ‘gator pool parties already operating in the Sunshine State came under fire last month as cruel and possibly dangerous activities. Dade City’s Wild Things — a private zoo, rehab center, and rescue — is allowing guests to make reservations… Read more »