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Man Beats Dog Unconscious For Making A Mess [Video]

Asani Woods

A Louisiana man was arrested for beating his dog unconscious. Asani Woods is accused of violently beating Tiger the pit bull because she made a mess in the kitchen. Authorities identified the suspect, as his friend recorded the incident with his cell phone. On March 26, authorities arrested 21-year-old Johnny Dominick on drug charges. When… Read more »

Teens Arrested For Killing And Skinning Neighborhood Pets

Teens Kill Pets

Two teens were arrested for killing and skinning several neighborhood pets. Texas authorities said Mark Ainsworth, age 17, and Delaney Walters, age 18, are charged with five counts of animal cruelty. The teens are accused of killing the animals in what was described as a “cult-style manner.” Authorities made the grisly discovery during an investigation… Read more »

Controversial Zoo That Killed Giraffe Kills Four Lions

copenhagen zoo lions

The Copenhagen Zoo is back in the news again! This time, the zoo is in the spotlight for killing two lions and their cubs just to clear the way for a new male. According to MSN News, the Copenhagen Zoo stated that two old lions and been euthanized as part of a generational shift and… Read more »

California Teacher Caught Hoarding Hundreds Of Dead Snakes

animal cruelty

California teacher Bill Buchman was caught hoarding snakes, hundreds of them – many were found dead inside his home. Neighbors complained about the horrible smell stemming from the Mariners Elementary School sixth grade teacher’s home, prompting a search warrant being issued to search the Santa Ana home. Animal services found more than 400 snakes and… Read more »

Spooky The Cat Shot With Crossbow, Prepare To Be Outraged

Spooky The Cat Injured With Crossbow

Spooky the Cat is a black feline you’ll likely hear a lot about in the next few days. That’s because the cat, belonging to Redditor Brandonjking, was senselessly shot with a crossbow, allegedly by a next door neighbor. From the Redditor’s post: “We went to our neighbors to ask him if he did it he… Read more »

Puppy Tied To Tracks Saved By Engineer Just In Time

puppy tied to tracks

It may sound a bit vaudevillian, but a puppy tied to tracks in California got a last-minute reprieve after a train’s engineer spotted the distressed doggie. The puppy tied to the tracks was spotted near Mecca, California, and the situation is one that somehow actually manages to be worse than it sounds in the headline… Read more »

Serial Cat Killer May Be Connected To Severed Feline Heads

Serial Cat Killer, Felines Killed

Authorities are concerned a serial cat killer may be associated with severed feline heads found in the New York and Connecticut areas in the last few months. Most recently, an unidentified person beat and shot a calico named Blackfoot belonging to Robert Kitts of Patterson, New York. Officials believed the same person is responsible for… Read more »

Unlucky Thieves Steal Van With Adult Male Lion In The Back


This is truly a tale for a late night comedian. Recently, aspiring car thieves decided to grab a convenient Mercedes van in the German city of Wuppertal, thinking they made a great score by grabbing a valuable vehicle. The bungling burglars jumped into their new ride and drove off, not realizing they had just stolen… Read more »

Owner Slices Open Pit Bull To Get Heroin Stash

generic pit-bull

Gloucester, MA — A man who allegedly “completely disembowled” his pet pit bull because the dog swallowed a bag of heroin has been charged with animal cruelty, according to police. The Gloucester Times, which identified the owner as John “Jack” Duggan, reports what allegedly happened to the pit bull that was gutted: “Police said that… Read more »

Animal Hoarding: More Than 50 Pets Removed From California Home

animal cruelty claims

Santa Ana, CA – More than 50 dogs and cats were seized from a home animal service workers described as “filthy” on Wednesday. Nancy Richling, 62, may face animal cruelty charges for the conditions the creatures were living in on her property. The animal hoarding seizure included 49 flea-ridden cats, many of which were also… Read more »