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Kevin Dixon: Man Offers To Walk Neighbor’s Dog, Kills The Dog Instead

Kevin Dixon

Kevin Dixon’s neighbor was initially pleased when he kindly offered to take her dog for a walk. However, the seemingly kind gesture turned into a horrific fatality because he killed her dog. According to Metro, Amanda Hamer had suffered a whiplash injury following a car accident she was in. Since she couldn’t walk the dog… Read more »

Texas Teenagers Stole Pet Emu, Tortured It To Death On Valentines Day

Pet emu tortured and killed

Eight teenagers from Comanche County, Texas, have been either arrested or cited by the police after it was found that they were behind the torture and killing of a pet emu. According to Action 4 News, Cassius Mankin, an 18-year-old high school football player, has been named the primary suspect and has been charged with… Read more »

Florida Woman Drowns Puppy In Airport Rest Room, Nebraska Police Say

cynthia anderson

Florida woman Cynthia Anderson was arrested for drowning a puppy in an airport rest room in Nebraska. After being released on bail, Anderson, 56, was arrested once again when local authorities discovered an outstanding felony theft warrant issued for her in Florida. Cynthia Anderson allegedly drowned her two-week-old puppy after being told she could not… Read more »

Multistate Dog Fighting Ring Busted, 225 Dogs Rescued

Animal Cruelty

A multistate dog fighting ring was busted by authorities in Baltimore, Maryland. Officials with the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office confirmed 22 people were indicted on numerous charges, including animal cruelty. In addition to more than 20 weapons, authorities confiscated 225 dogs and puppies. As discussed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To… Read more »