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Brad Pitt Slams Costco Over Caged Hens From Factory Farms Policy

brad pitt slams costco

Brad Pitt slams Costco caged hens policy, calling the selling of such eggs an act of animal cruelty. The actor penned a letter to CEO Craig Jelink and asked that caged hens eggs no longer be sold in the stores. Pitt also detailed the physical problems and pain the chickens suffer when crammed into cages… Read more »

King Sami: Man Facing Charges For Stomping Puppy To Death

puppy stomped

The horrific death of a puppy recently led to protests outside the Warren County Courthouse as Chicago citizens sought “Justice For Cash.” According to Opposing Views, animal lovers were outraged when the dog’s brutal death made headlines. It has been reported that a neighbor witnessed a man — identified as 24-year-old King Sami — kicking… Read more »

Michael Vick Back In The Spotlight After Prince Shembo Disaster

Michael Vick back in the spotlight

As if Michael Vick didn’t have enough of his own problems. The former Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Jets quarterback is looking for a job. Now, the arrest of Prince Shembo has put Michael Vick back in the spotlight for a situation he had likely thought was long behind him. Shembo was arrested… Read more »