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Pit Bull That Suffered 30-Foot Fall Is Reunited With Owner

Wookie the pit bull was thrown off a 30-foot overpass.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation. Whether people believe the hype or not, there’s no denying that there’s a higher rate of violence toward the breed because of it. The story of Wookie is one that speaks toward that cruelty, but he’s only one of many pit bulls that became victims this week. On Tuesday,… Read more »

Illinois Cop Shoots 6-Year-Old Girl’s Dog In The Head As She Watches


On Friday, July 25 one little girl’s world was turned upside down. According to Raw Story, the six-year-old girl witnessed the fatal shooting death of her dog. The animal was reportedly shot in the head by a police officer with the Hometown Police Department. Nicole Echlin, the girl’s mother and dog owner, explained that Apollo,… Read more »

Homeless Women Rescue Dog Tossed Into A Phoenix Dog Park

Dog rescue arizona dog park

In yet another addition to the ever increasing number of animal abuse cases we have been hearing of late, four dogs were tossed over a six foot fence by into a dog park by unknown people late on Monday night. According to, it was initially reported that the four dogs were thrown in to… Read more »

Rescue Horse Injected With Gasoline

The horse's wound appeared at first to be an insect bite.

A rescue horse named Jolean had to be put down last week after falling ill at a small horse farm in Belleville, Florida. What veterinarians found during their equine autopsy, however, was anything but normal. “The vet who did the autopsy asked me: ”Did you pour gasoline on this horse?’” owner John Hoogerhyde told MailOnline,… Read more »

Kentucky Derby 2014 Trainer Accused Of Animal Cruelty


The Kentucky Derby 2014 is finally upon us, but for one of the Derby’s biggest players, the event is being tainted by terrible allegations of horse abuse. Thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen should have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the 2014 Kentucky Derby. He trains Kentucky Derby contender Tapiture and Kentucky… Read more »

Man Beats Dog Unconscious For Making A Mess [Video]

Asani Woods

A Louisiana man was arrested for beating his dog unconscious. Asani Woods is accused of violently beating Tiger the pit bull because she made a mess in the kitchen. Authorities identified the suspect, as his friend recorded the incident with his cell phone. On March 26, authorities arrested 21-year-old Johnny Dominick on drug charges. When… Read more »

Teens Arrested For Killing And Skinning Neighborhood Pets

Teens Kill Pets

Two teens were arrested for killing and skinning several neighborhood pets. Texas authorities said Mark Ainsworth, age 17, and Delaney Walters, age 18, are charged with five counts of animal cruelty. The teens are accused of killing the animals in what was described as a “cult-style manner.” Authorities made the grisly discovery during an investigation… Read more »

Controversial Zoo That Killed Giraffe Kills Four Lions

copenhagen zoo lions

The Copenhagen Zoo is back in the news again! This time, the zoo is in the spotlight for killing two lions and their cubs just to clear the way for a new male. According to MSN News, the Copenhagen Zoo stated that two old lions and been euthanized as part of a generational shift and… Read more »

California Teacher Caught Hoarding Hundreds Of Dead Snakes

animal cruelty

California teacher Bill Buchman was caught hoarding snakes, hundreds of them – many were found dead inside his home. Neighbors complained about the horrible smell stemming from the Mariners Elementary School sixth grade teacher’s home, prompting a search warrant being issued to search the Santa Ana home. Animal services found more than 400 snakes and… Read more »

Spooky The Cat Shot With Crossbow, Prepare To Be Outraged

Spooky The Cat Injured With Crossbow

Spooky the Cat is a black feline you’ll likely hear a lot about in the next few days. That’s because the cat, belonging to Redditor Brandonjking, was senselessly shot with a crossbow, allegedly by a next door neighbor. From the Redditor’s post: “We went to our neighbors to ask him if he did it he… Read more »