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Amazon Reviewers: $1.4M Monet Painting ‘Clearly Used’

amazon monet reviews

Funny Amazon reviews have emerged as a sort of social critique cum random trolling exercise, and of course, the recent Amazon listing of a $1,450,000 Monet painting (L’Enfant a la tasse) has drawn in the usual suspects with humorous reviews. Before Monet’s multi-million dollar work graced Amazon, we saw reviewers come out in force to… Read more »

Wendy Davis’ Shoes Get Amazon Reviews From Funny Fans

wendy davis shoes

  Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis‘ shoes were a part of her lengthy stand in the state earlier this month, with the pink athletic sneakers enabling her to stand for half a whole day an iconic filibuster symbol for fans. And now, Wendy Davis’ shoes are getting more attention in the form of an Amazon… Read more »