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The Existence Of Beer Goggles Confirmed By Researchers

Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles, the commonly known phenomenon which makes other people more attractive after a few drinks, has been substantiated by a group of researchers. A recently concluded study has proven that people are more attractive after a few alcoholic drinks. The research, conducted by the University of Bristol’s Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (TARG), conducted… Read more »

Hockey Fans Sue Arena Over Beer Prices


A handful of hockey fans, in Boise Idaho, are suing a Boise arena on Tuesday,saying they were conned into thinking a beer, worth $7, contained more brew than a beer worth $4. According to ESPN, CenturyLink Arena, home of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team, defrauded customers, by charging and extra $3 more for a tall,… Read more »

Cory Monteith: Alcohol, Substances Allegedly Found In Hotel Room

Cory Monteith new details. Alcohol, substances allegedly found in hotel.

New details have emerged about the tragic death of Cory Monteith. Reports are surfacing that “numerous amounts of alcohol” and other substances were allegedly found in his hotel room Saturday. E! News is reporting that a sources have revealed that the late Glee star had reportedly been “partying with his friends” at “at least one… Read more »

Beer Belly A Myth, Researchers Say

Beer Belly Just A Myth, According To Medical Science

The beer belly myth is getting the boot thanks to a food science professor who says the science doesn’t add up. Typical wisdom for many holds that drinking beer regularly, rather than wine or liquor, leads to a protruding midsection. But medical science disagrees. “There’s nothing magical about the alcohol in beer, it’s just alcohol,”… Read more »

Kids See More Alcohol, Less Tobacco In Movies [Study]

Alcohol And Tobacco Movies

Kids see more alcohol and less tobacco in today’s movies, according to a new study. The folks at JAMA Pediatrics took a look at approximately 1,400 Hollywood films released between 1996 and 2009. Researchers found that there are considerably fewer tobacco ads in modern movies than there were in the past. However, the amount of… Read more »

Ohio Holiday Collision Kills Four [Breaking]

A family leaving a Christmas party in a minivan died when they went the wrong way on a southwestern Ohio highway and hit another minivan with a family going to see their grandparents. At 2:30 am on Interstate 75 near Franklin, the head-on collision took the lives of three adults and one seven-year-old boy and… Read more »

Clubbing Math

nightclub flowchart

Until such a time you realize you can get sweatily ignored at home for free ...

Alcohol Defined


True quote about how alcohol plays a role in our society!