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Will Al Pacino Be Marvel’s Next Blockbuster Superhero?

Al Pacino Marvel

Al Pacino holds the precious, hallowed slot as one of America’s most iconic actors even years after the roles that really got him there. At 74, you might think Al is one step too far behind modern film-making to really have a place in a blockbuster, and, until recently, Pacino probably would have agreed with… Read more »

‘Doctor Strange': Could Al Pacino Benefit From Joaquin’s Hesitance?

Doctor Strange

When casting ideas first started floating around for the Doctor Strange film, names like Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Leto and Jack Huston were all brought up. Then, at the end of August, Collider reported that Joaquin Phoenix was pretty much a lock. In fact, they claimed that Marvel Studios had been in talks with… Read more »