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Photographer to Paula Deen: ‘Black People Still Love You’ [Video]

A photographer tells Paula Deen 'black people still love you."

Paula Deen is on the comeback trail and apparently this African-American photographer is a big supporter. The TMZ clip below shows the photographer approaching Deen in the LA airport as she talked with a group of fans and reporters about a recipe, and telling her, “No matter what happened, black people still love you.” “That… Read more »

Paul Ryan Blasted For Racially Charged Attack On ‘Inner City’ Men

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, the 2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate who remains a congressman from Wisconsin, went on a conservative radio program Wednesday morning to launch an attack on the work ethic and “culture” of what he called “inner city” men. He was immediately hit with criticism charging that his comments were intended as as a derogatory stereotype… Read more »