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Attorney: Heather Mack Not Selling Her Baby

heather Mack not selling her baby, attorney says.

The attorney representing Heather Mack says that the American teen is not trying to sell her baby for $150,000, contrary to numerous media reports. News 24 reports that the 19-year-old woman is, however, arranging for her child to be cared for by a family in Bali, which is where she is jailed for participating in… Read more »

LGBT Adoption Bill Signed Into Law By Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

governor rick snyder

A Michigan law which has been dubbed the “LGBT adoption” bill, was signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder on Wednesday and it is sparking backlash. The legislature approved legislation which would permit faith-based agencies that contract with state agencies to refuse service to prospective parents on religious grounds. The religious adoption agencies would refer… Read more »

Courteney Cox Is “Considering Adoption”

Premiere Of New Line Cinema's "Horrible Bosses 2" - Red Carpet

Courteney Cox and her fiance Johnny McDaid – who performs with the band Snow Patrol – are said to be considering adoption, according to several reports. Speaking about the adoption consideration, a source told Closer that the pair still have a long way to go before they could officially adopt a child, but that Cox… Read more »

Aaron Levi Claims He Is Wilt Chamberlain’s Long Lost Son

Wilt Chamberlain may have fathered son, Aaron Levi

Wilt Chamberlain boasted that he slept with 20,000 women in his lifetime, or a woman a day starting at age 15. It’s not surprising, then, that 15 years after his death, Aaron Levi has come forward to claim that he is Chamberlain’s long-lost son. Sports Illustrated has the exclusive profile on Aaron Levi, his long… Read more »

Look Out, Duggars — This Family Has 34 Kids And Counting!

34 kids

Jeane Briggs and husband Paul are getting ready to leave their home in Falling Waters, West Virginia, to make a trip to Africa, in order to expand their already expansive family of 34 kids — five biological, and 29 adopted. It’s just the latest of many such trips. The Briggs began to adopt children nearly… Read more »

The Danger Of Pit Bulls In Shelters

Pit Bulls in shelters are often put to death at a staggering rate.

The reputation of pit bulls is one of the biggest debates centered on pets. Are pit bulls dangerous? Are they child-friendly? Are they dog-friendly? Are they predictable? Can they be trained? The truth of the matter is that every pit bull is different. It depends on how the pit bull was raised, its personality and,… Read more »

Family Adopts Baby Orphan With Stage-4 Cancer

Stage 4 Cancer Baby Adopted

Shelly White and her husband didn’t think they would be able to adopt a child after they struggled through the recession. The family ended up trading in their large home for a small rental property while also draining their savings accounts. Yet, despite their doubts the family not only adopted, they chose a baby from… Read more »

Florida Multimillionaire Denied Sleazy Adoption Request

man not allowed sleazy adoption

A Florida judge denied one of the strangest and sleaziest legal requests we’ve ever seen on Wednesday. Polo mogul John Bailey Goodman asked if he could adopt his girlfriend. Like, as his child. Oh, and she’s 42-years-old. Goodman, a multimillionaire, was denied his oddball request in the 3rd District Court of Appeal this week. The… Read more »