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Nuclear Accident Culprit: Kitty Litter

Kitty litter brand swtich blamed for nuclear accident

In February of 2014, 22 people were exposed to radiation, a radiological waste repository was indefinitely shuttered, and $240 million in damage was sustained when a drum exploded at a nuclear waste dump. The accident’s culprit? The wrong kind of kitty litter. It has taken investigators a year and a 277-page report to officially call… Read more »

Former MLB Pitcher Brad Halsey Dies At 33

Lefty Yankees Pitcher Brad Halsey Dies In Climbing Accident

Former Major League player Brad Halsey has died at the age of 33, a spokesperson confirmed. Halsey, a lefty pitcher, reportedly died following a recreational climbing accident near his home in Texas. Brad pitched for three seasons in the majors and played for the New York Yankees, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Oakland Athletics. After… Read more »

Ryanair Planes Collide: One Wing Ripped Off, One Wing Impaled

Ryanair planes collide at Dublin Airport.

This morning two Ryanair planes collided on a runway at Dublin Airport as they were taxiing. The wings of the planes clipped each other, leading to the tip of one being ripped off as it impaled the other. Glenn Jordan, who was on one of the planes with his wife, told Irish Times, that there… Read more »

Indonesia Boat Tragedy: 15 Foreigners Missing After Boat Sinks

Boat tragedy in Indonesia

At least 15 people, mostly vacationing foreigners have been reported missing following a boat tragedy in Indonesia. According to BBC News, the accident happened in central Indonesia on the eastern shore of the country at around 7 p.m. local time last night. The boat was reportedly making its way from the tourist island of Lombok… Read more »

Michael Schumacher In COMA After Skiing Accident

Michael Schumacher

Legendary Grand Prix F1 racing driver Michael Schumacher has been airlifted to a hospital in France after a skiing accident. According to The Telegraph Michael Schumacher is in ‘critical condition’ and is currently comatose, after suffering from a brain haemorrhage caused by a head impact while on a skiing holiday. His family is by his… Read more »

Asiana Airlines 911 Calls: ‘We’re Trying To Keep Her Alive’

Plane Tried To Abort Landing Before Crash

Asiana Airlines passengers, whose plane crashed landed in San Francisco, desperate calls to 911 have been released. In the chaos that ensued after the first moments, passengers are heard telling 911 operators that they need help and that there are critically injured fellow passengers in need of immediate help. “We’ve been down on the ground,… Read more »

Families Of Teens In Parasailing Accident Report They’re Improving

Parasailing accident teens improve

Families of the Indiana teens that were injured in a freak parasailing accident on Monday, report the girls are improving. “Our daughters, Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild, are still at Bay Medical Center in Panama City, Florida, recovering from a parasailing accident on July 1; however we have seen more progress from yesterday,” the families… Read more »

TWA 800 Crash Conspiracy Debated On ‘Today’

TWA Flight 800 Investigation a lie?

This week’s TWA 800 crash has dominated news coverage, 17 years after the passenger jet traveling over Long Island (as so many others do each night) exploded killing all aboard without warning and for a long time, seemingly without cause. The re-emergence of the TWA 800 crash nearly two decades later is odd — as a… Read more »

TWA Flight 800: ‘Most Likely A Terrorist Bomb’

TWA Flight 800

TWA Flight 800, which crashed killing 230 passengers back in 1996, was likely to have been caused by a blast, maybe a terrorist bomb. In a new documentary, it comes to light that the final report on the cause of the fatal crash was falsified. Six experts who were on the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)… Read more »

Mom Saves Baby After Being Hit By Cab

Mom Saves Her Baby After Being Hit By Cab

A young mom saved her baby after being hit by a livery cab on a Bronx sidewalk in New York. The 17-year-old mother and her baby were struck by the cab after the cab driver lost consciousness after suffering from a heart attack that was later said to be fatal. Both the mother and the… Read more »