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Hobby Lobby Case Causing Issues For Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby Featured

The arguments with Obamacare are heating up more and more in the United States. As of now, Hobby Lobby, the arts and crafts store, seems to be in the center of the crossfire. Previously, Hobby Lobby stood against Obamacare because of its statutes for mandatory contraceptive coverage to be provided in healthcare. For Hobby Lobby,… Read more »

Texas Abortion Clinics Closed After Reinstatement Of Abortion Law

Texas Abortion Clinics Closed After Reinstatement Of Abortion Law

Texas abortion clinics are closing after the reinstatement of an abortion law. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Texas teen sued her parents because they wanted her to get an abortion. The law requires that Texas abortion clinics have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of a clinic, bans all abortions after… Read more »

Texas Abortion Law Has Key Restrictions Reinstated

Texas Abortion Law Portion Reinstated

Key restrictions in the Texas abortion law were reinstated by a federal appeals court on Thursday after a lower court ruled against the restrictions earlier this week. The decision was the result of a request by Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, who asked the court for an emergency ruling while the state appeals the lower… Read more »

Pope Francis Eases Catholic Doctrine

Pope Francis eases Catholic Doctrine

Pope Francis is easing Catholic doctrine, saying it’s too strict. The Catholic church’s harsh doctrine involving divorce, gay marriage, contraception, and abortion are about to be eased up as Pope Francis is taking the route of separation between the sin and the sinner. In short, he believes that what you have done does not define… Read more »

New Ireland Abortion Law A Controversial First

Ireland Abortion Bill Successfully Passes

Ireland has passed a new abortion law that allows women in the country to get the procedure for the first time. The law, however, is highly restrictive and will only allow abortions under special circumstances. The move is seen as historic for Ireland, which has traditionally held strict bans on abortions of any form. While… Read more »

Motorcycle Safety Bill Used To Sneak In North Carolina Abortion Laws

Motorcycle Safety Bill In North Carolina Just A Cover For Radical Abortion Laws

A motorcycle safety bill is being used as cover for radical new abortion laws in North Carolina. This comes after the state’s governor threatened to veto the anti-abortion proposals previously attached to a bill intended to ban Sharia law. After that bill fell apart on Wednesday, state legislators in North Carolina were swift to pin… Read more »

‘Flea Market’ Abortions Replacing Clinics For Texas Women

Flea Market Abortions Becoming More Common For Texas Women

Women in Texas are turning to “flea market” abortions as state legislature moves toward one of the most expansive and restrictive abortion bans in the union. The new laws, which have already passed the Texas House, will see the closure of almost all women’s health clinics in the large southern state. Though clinics where abortions… Read more »

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Signs Abortion Bill Into Law

wisconsin abortion bill gov walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) has signed a controversial abortion bill into law. The bill requires women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound so they can look at the fetus before terminating their pregnancy. Republicans crafted the bill that would prohibit doctors from performing abortions unless they have admitting privileges at a local hospital…. Read more »

Texas Abortion Bill SB5 Shut Down By Wendy Davis, ‘Unruly Mob’

Texas Abortion Bill SB5 Shut Down By Wendy Davis, ‘Unruly Mob’

Texas abortion bill SB5 caused a late night frenzy both in the state capital and across the internet, as reproductive rights supporters avidly monitored on the ground proceedings involving a filibuster headed up by State Senator Wendy Davis. In the Texas Legislature, abortion bill SB5 — widely opposed in and outside the state due to proposal… Read more »

Texas Abortion Bill SB5 Fails To Pass

Texas Abortion Bill Fails To Pass

The Texas abortion bill, SB5, failed to pass the state senate on Tuesday night. While reports have said that a vote on the bill did take place, Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst confirmed early Wednesday morning that the bill was dead. The legislation’s debate was marked by a filibuster launched by Senator Wendy Davis, a… Read more »

Filibuster To Kill Texas Abortion Law Ended Three Hours Short

Filibuster To Kill Texas Abortion Law Has Fallen Three Hours Short

Fort Worth Democrat Wendy Davis, 50, seems to have fallen short of the 13 hours needed to complete the filibuster after doing 10 hours before the chairman ruled that she had gone off topic. Davis took to the floor of the chamber late Tuesday morning to attempt a 13-hour filibuster to block the Texas Abortion Bill…. Read more »

Texas Senator Filibusters Against Abortion Bill

Texas Senator Wendy Davis Filibusters Against Abortion Bill

Democratic Texas state senator, Wendy Davis, began her one-woman filibuster to block a GOP-led effort that would effectively close most abortion clinics across the nation’s second-most populous state. Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth began the filibuster at 11:18 a.m. CDT Tuesday according to Yahoo.News. In order for Davis to derail a vote in the… Read more »

Texas Abortion Law Stalls In Senate

The Texas Abortion Law Stalls In The Senate

A sweeping bill that would effectively shut down most abortion clinics across the nation’s second most-populous state has stalled in the Texas Senate, and a Democratic filibuster that will only need to last a seemingly manageable 13 hours Tuesday looks like it could halt the new bill, according to The Christian Science Monitor. CBS News… Read more »

Texas Abortion Bill Passed 97-33

Texas Abortion Bill Passed 97-33

Republicans in the Texas House have passed one of the nation’s toughest packages of abortion restrictions, according to Huffington Post. “The proposed bill would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy, require doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and limit abortions to surgical centers.” reported: “‘If this passes, abortion would be… Read more »

Late Term Abortion Ban Ignored, China Forces Lethal Injection Of Babies

Late Term Abortion Ban Ignored, China Forces Death Of 7 Month Old Boy

A late-term abortion ban was ignored in China, with officials forcing the death of an unborn seven month old boy. As reported by The Inquisitr, a woman sued an abortion clinic after giving birth to a “miracle baby” that survived a failed abortion. Various states in the United States are considering laws that would limit… Read more »

Post-Birth Abortion Debated During ‘Infants Born Alive’ Bill Hearing

Post-Birth Abortion Debated During 'Infants Born Alive' Bill Hearing

Post-birth abortions were debated during a recent hearing over the “Infants Born Alive” bill. The bill addresses situations where a child is born after a failed abortion and would require doctors to provide medical care for the newborn baby. Florida has a vehicular homicide law that holds defendants accountable for the death of a “viable… Read more »

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe Vetoes ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill

Arkansas Governor Vetoes Heartbeat Abortion Legislation

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe has vetoed a controversial “heartbeat” abortion bill from the House that would ban abortion procedures after 20 weeks, The Huffington Post reported on Tuesday, February 26. The veto will likely not stand because the Arkansas House approved House Bill 1037 by an 80-10 vote and would only require a simple majority… Read more »

‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill Wins Support Of Arkansas Lawmakers

Heartbeat abortion bill clears Arkansas Senate

“Heartbeat” abortion bill supporters in the Arkansas Senate won a victory for pro-life advocates on Monday, February 18. The victory came by way of a 25-7 vote to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The bill, championed by Arkansas Republican Jason Rapert, would allow exceptions for cases of rape, incest, or if the mother’s… Read more »

Unborn Baby Smile From 3D Ultrasound Made Parents Rethink Abortion

Unborn Baby Smile From 3D Ultrasound Made Parents Rethink Abortion

A smile from an unborn baby made parents in England rethink their plans for abortion. Katyia Rowe and her partner of four years, Shane Johnson, were planning on following their doctors warnings and choose to abort their baby. But when they saw the 3D ultrasound they decided not to go through with their plans. Unfortunately,… Read more »