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Abortion Law Requiring Ultrasounds Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Judge

A NC law requiring clinics to show pregnant women an ultrasound was declared unconstitutional.

An abortion law requiring clinics to show pregnant women ultrasounds in North Carolina was ruled unconstitutional on Friday. The provision in the law required abortion and pregnancy clinics to reveal the images from ultrasounds so women could see them. They were then supposed to describe the dimensions of an embryo or fetus and other information… Read more »

Texas Abortion Law Has Key Restrictions Reinstated

Texas Abortion Law Portion Reinstated

Key restrictions in the Texas abortion law were reinstated by a federal appeals court on Thursday after a lower court ruled against the restrictions earlier this week. The decision was the result of a request by Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, who asked the court for an emergency ruling while the state appeals the lower… Read more »

Oklahoma Abortion Law Requiring Ultrasounds Struck Down By Judge

Sonogram Abortion Law

An Oklahoma law that requires women to undergo an ultrasound and receive a detailed description of the fetus has been struck down by an Oklahoma district judge. The judge ruled that the abortion law was unconstitutional before it violated a doctors’ First Amendment rights by forcing them to read a speech to their patients which… Read more »