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World’s First 3D Metal-Printed Gun Can Hit A Target 30 Yards Away

World's First 3D Metal Printed Gun

Texas company Solid Concepts made the world’s first usable 3D Metal Printed gun. The pistol is a classic 1911 and functions “beautifully,” according to a blog post on the company’s website. The gun was made from more than thirty 3D-printed components using 17-4 stainless steel and Inconel 625 materials. This isn’t the first time a… Read more »

UPS Stores Rolling Out 3D Printing [Video]

UPS Stores and 3D Printing

UPS Stores throughout the United States are preparing to roll out 3D printing. The new program will bring the increasingly popular printers directly to local stores. UPS Stores in San Diego will be the first to receive the new 3D printers. According to UPS, the 3D printers are being offered so business customers and “quickly… Read more »

3D Print Rocket Engines?

3d printing of rocket engines may be sparked by contest

Could 3D printable open-source rocket engines be the next frontier? That’s the hope of DIYRockets, a company which advocates the open-source development of space. Yesterday, at The South by Southwest┬« conference in Austin, Texas, they joined with Sunglass to announce a new contest that will reward developers of a new 3D printable rocket engine design… Read more »

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Could Use Help Keeping 3D Printing Free

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Could Use Help Keeping 3D Printing Free

Thanks to “creative” patents, The Electronic Frontier Foundation is planning for a future when 3D printing could no longer be free. According to TechCrunch, since the technology is rather new, patenting parts of the 3D printing process or renewing expiring patents could prevent improvement of the technology out of fear or patent infringement. The EFF… Read more »