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Mitt Romney: I Didn’t Actually Say 47 Percent Remarks

Mitt Romney 47 percent

Mitt Romney’s infamous “47 percent” remarks very likely cost him the 2012 presidential election, and, though he has said that the comments were “just completely wrong” in the past, now he’s saying he just never said them in the first place. In an interview with The Washington Post’s Dan Balz, Romney said that the 47… Read more »

Mitt Romney ‘Kingmaker’? New Hampshire Return Planned

Mitt Romney Returns, Could Be A 'Kingmaker'

Mitt Romney, “Kingmaker”? One political expert admits it’s a possibility. The former presidential candidate will return to politics in August as part of a fundraiser for the New Hampshire GOP, according to a late Thursday report from Deseret News. Romney has kept quite the low profile following his defeat in the 2012 presidential election, and… Read more »

Mitt Romney Reportedly Shellshocked On Election Night

Mitt Romney Reportedly 'Shellshocked' On Election Night

Mitt Romney went into election night believing that he was leading over Barack Obama in polling, but the GOP candidate grew quickly shellshocked to find out just how thoroughly President Obama was beating him. Advisers to Mitt Romney have spoken about the chaos of Election Night, one in which Romney was confident he would win…. Read more »

Final Election Polls: Obama Chance Of Victory Now Over 90 Percent

Final Election Polls: Obama Chance Of Victory Now Over 90 Percent

Final election polls paint a bleak picture for Mitt Romney — the modest leads he once held in nationwide presidential polls have dissipated as President Barack Obama has seized strong control of both the national vote and electoral map. Obama made gains in many of the final election polls, including the Gallup poll. Mitt Romney… Read more »

US Election: 40 Percent Of Americans Won’t Vote For President

40 Percent Of Americans Won't Vote

Nearly 40 percent of Americans won’t vote for President in the US election, according to MSNBC. This number is considerably lower than other Western democracies. Out of the 169 countries that tracker voter data, the United States ranks 120th. The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance states that this effectively puts the country between Dominican… Read more »

Chris Christie Shuns Mitt Romney Ahead Of Presidential Election

Chris Christie Shuns Mitt Romney Ahead Of Presidential Election

Chris Christie made it clear last week that his priority was helping the people of New Jersey recover from Hurricane Sandy, not in helping Mitt Romney or the Republican Party. Christie stuck with that this week, turning down Romney’s request to appear at a rally in Pennsylvania this week, The Huffington Post reported. Many Republicans… Read more »

Early Voting Results: Obama Has Turnout Lead

Early Voting Results: Obama Has Turnout Lead

Early voting results show that roughly 30 million people have already voted by mail or in person in 34 states and Washington D.C. These Americans have braved the chaotic long lines and the unprepared polling places. While none of these votes will be officially counted until Election Day on Tuesday, some battleground states are stating… Read more »

Candy Crowley Calls Mitt Romney ‘President Romney’ [Video]

Candy Crowley slips, calls Romney 'President Romney'

CNN’s chief political correspondent Candy Crowley was criticized by conservatives during the second presidential debate when she fact checked Mitt Romney on Libya. Now, they may think she has come over to their side. On Sunday’s State of the Union, Crowley asked Ohio Senator Rob Portman, a Republican, what made him think Romney could win… Read more »

Election Day Unlikely To Be Moved Because Of Hurricane Sandy

Election Day Unlikely To Be Moved Because Of Hurricane Sandy

Election Day will likely remain November 6, despite a destructive storm that has cut off power to large swaths of the country and flooded several coastal areas. Election officials in these states have been scrambling to make special accommodations in order to keep Election Day the same, CNN noted. These alternatives could include new voting… Read more »

Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney’s ‘Des Moines Register’ Endorsement A Sham

Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney's 'Des Moines Register' Endorsement A Sham

Stephanie Cutter is more than a little skeptical of the Des Moines Register‘s endorsement of Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. The top adviser to President Obama, Stephanie Cutter said on Sunday that the influential newspaper’s endorsement of Mitt Romney “didn’t seem to be based at all in reality.” Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Stephanie Cutter… Read more »

Mitt Romney Shifts Focus To Wisconsin As Ohio Slipping Away

Mitt Romney Shifts Focus To Wisconsin As Ohio Slipping Away

Mitt Romney’s campaign selected Paul Ryan as a running mate with the hope of turning Wisconsin into a swing state in the 2012 presidential election, and now it appears that the GOP candidate may need that state. After the crucial state of Ohio seems to be trending more and more toward Barack Obama, insiders near… Read more »

Presidential Polls: Romney Leading In Swing-State Tracking


Rasmussen Reports, one of the most accurate public-opinion pollsters, now has Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and businessman, leading in its latest daily swing-state tracking poll over President Barack Obama. Rasmussen indicates that in the 11 so-called swing states (i.e., they could go for either candidate), Romney has 50 percent of the vote versus… Read more »

Early Voting: Both Obama And Romney Claiming An Advantage So Far

Early Voting: Both Sides Claiming An Advantage So Far

Early voting is going on in many swing states crucial to the 2012 presidential election, and already both sides are claiming an advantage. As Michael P. McDonald of The Huffington Post noted, Democrats and Republicans have put the spin machine into overdrive trying to claim they are winning in early voting. As McDonald noted, in… Read more »

Mitt Romney Assassination Threats Increase Following Success In Debates

Assassination Threats Against Romney Increase

All the pundits predicted that Obama would demolish Romney in the debates, and so completely impress American voters that his re-election was guaranteed. However, Romney shellacked the President in their first debate, and more than held his own in the second debate, causing a noticeable increase in threats to assassinate the Republican candidate for President…. Read more »

Early Voting Can Proceed In Ohio, Court Rules

Early Voting Can Proceed In Ohio, Court Rules

Early voting will be able to continue in Ohio, as a desperate final attempt by Ohio Republicans to end the voting the weekend before Election Day was rejected by the US Supreme Court. “The application for stay presented to Justice [Elena] Kagan and by her referred to the Court is denied,” the Supreme Court noted… Read more »