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Mitt Romney Meets ‘CSI’: Backers Dissect The Failed Campaign

Romney Backer Analyze Failed Campaign

Failed Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is getting the full CSI style postmortem as his political backers dissect his unsuccessful run for the White House. Opinions have been varied and interesting; some blame Romney for his constant flip flop on the issues, his infamous 47 percent comment, and his failure to launch an all out… Read more »

WaPo Op-Ed Calls Mitt Romney ‘A Good Man’ In ‘The Right Fight’

Was Mitt Romney the right candidate?

In an editorial for The Washington Post, Stuart Stevens, the chief strategist for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign, defends the fallen GOP candidate, calling him “a good man” in “the right fight.” We haven’t heard much from Romney in the weeks since the 2012 election, aside from a few social sightings and a controversial explanation… Read more »

Mitt Romney Drowns Election Sorrows In ‘Twilight’ And Pizza

Mitt Romney takes Ann to "Twilight" finale

One would have never suspected Mitt Romney to be a Twi-hard. The former GOP presidential candidate took his wife to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 on Saturday and grabbed a slice of pizza with supportive patrons after the show. Though Romney missed out on a chance to become the next President of the United States… Read more »

Chris Christie Also Disagrees With Romney’s ‘Gifts’ Excuse [Video]

Chris Christie disagrees with Romney's "gifts" excuse

Earlier this week rising GOP star Bobby Jindal took issue with Mitt Romney’s election loss excuse that he couldn’t compete with President Obama’s “gifts” to minorities. Joining the debate is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a GOP star in his own right, who also disagrees with the “gifts” comment. Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday,… Read more »

Mitt Romney: I Lost Because Of Obama’s ‘Gifts’ To Minorities

Mitt Romney talks about why he lost

Mitt Romney has finally broken the silence on his 2012 election loss, telling his top campaign donors on Wednesday that “the gifts” President Obama had extended to minority voters earned him a second term. In a campaign donor call, Mitt Romney expressed his disappointment in President Obama’s re-election, saying that neither he nor his top… Read more »

Rush Limbaugh: ‘I’m The Primary Reason The GOP Lost’ [Audio]

Rush Limbaugh: Fall guy for election

Every election needs a “fall guy,” and controversial radio pundit Rush Limbaugh is apparently the GOP’s. On Monday night, Limbaugh addressed the GOP blame game, particularly the notion that Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election, in part, because of conservative talk radio. Limbaugh attacked the GOP “ruling class,” and argued that the Democrats and left-wing… Read more »

More Than 8,000 People Wanted Roseanne To Be President In Florida

Roseanne Barr actually got a lot of votes

If you need more proof that Roseanne Barr was serious about her presidential bid, you came to the right place. The actress and comedienne actually scored some votes. More than 8,000 to be exact. Barr, who was running for president on the Peace and Freedom ticket with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, garnered more than 8,000… Read more »

Next For Mitt Romney: President Obama’s Secretary Of Business [Video]

Will Mitt Romney become President Obama's Sec. of Business?

On Wednesday, a CNN panel of journalists suggested a possible future for fallen GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney: President Obama’s Secretary of Business. With President Obama’s re-election secured, his cabinet will see some shuffling over the next several months. Suggestions for new offices have been thrown out over the past several weeks, with “Secretary of… Read more »

Newt Gingrich: ‘We Were Wrong About Romney Winning’ [Videos]

Gingrich admits he was wrong about Romney

Former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has never been one to mince words. On Wednesday, he very simply explained why pundits such as himself, Karl Rove and Dick Morris incorrectly predicted that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 election and become our nation’s president: “We were wrong.” “I’m just going to say bluntly, we were… Read more »

Karl Rove Silent Regarding Fox Election Dispute Last Night [Videos]

Karl Rove's election reaction

Last night, Karl Rove contested the Fox News declaration that President Obama had been re-elected and has since been mocked by rival media outlet MSNBC. During Tuesday night’s Election Day coverage, Fox News was among the first to call the presidency for the incumbent Barack Obama, after polls in battleground state Ohio swung toward his… Read more »

President Obama Cinches Popular Vote Ahead By 2.6 Million

Obama cinches ahead with popular vote

Though President Obama unquestionably earned another four years in the White House, many will be dissecting the precise numbers in the 2012 election for days, not to contest President Obama as the clear winner (he is) but to learn what we can from the state of the electorate. With 303 electoral votes compared to Mitt… Read more »

Melissa Joan Hart Tweets Romney Support, Twitter’s Childhood Dies

Melissa Joan Hart's Romney support gets criticism

Stacey Dash and Melissa Joan Hart should start a support group or something. The Sabrina the Teenage Witch actress tweeted her support for GOP candidate Mitt Romney yesterday afternoon and was naturally shredded in 140 characters or less by a multitude of Twitter users. She began yesterday with a warning: “I may get political today… Read more »

Tom Arnold Won’t Be Voting For Ex-Wife Roseanne Barr

Tom Arnold casts his vote for Obama, not ex-wife Roseanne

Today is Election Day, and though actress Roseanne Barr is running for president, she can’t count on a vote from ex-husband Tom Arnold. Just in case you’re late to the table, Roseanne Barr of Roseanne fame is indeed running for president and will appear on the ballot in some states. According to OTRC, she’s running… Read more »

Rush Limbaugh Talks Obama’s ‘Voting Is The Best Revenge’ Comment

Rush Limbaugh talks "revenge" comments

Rush Limbaugh attacked President Obama on his radio show Monday, commenting on the now-infamous “voting is the best revenge” comment. “I told you that’s what this guy is all about, and here he is now voicing it himself, off prompter, by the way. This was not written. The real Obama surfaced, and they’re struggling trying… Read more »

Mitt Romney Is Campaigning Today (Election Day) In Ohio

Mitt Romney campaigns in Ohio

Give it a rest! The Romney campaign has confirmed that the GOP presidential candidate will make a couple of final stops today, which is Election Day. Can you guess where Romney will be showing up? None other than battleground state Ohio. Chasing that final demographic, Romney will go to Ohio (and Pennsylvania) on Election Day… Read more »

US Election: 40 Percent Of Americans Won’t Vote For President

40 Percent Of Americans Won't Vote

Nearly 40 percent of Americans won’t vote for President in the US election, according to MSNBC. This number is considerably lower than other Western democracies. Out of the 169 countries that tracker voter data, the United States ranks 120th. The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance states that this effectively puts the country between Dominican… Read more »

Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2012: America’s Day Of Decision

Americas Will Vote Tomorrow

Commentary | In less than 24 hours Americans will go to the polls to elect a President. Tomorrow’s election has been called the most important election in American history by pundits, journalists and supporters of both candidates. While that may turn out to be a slight exaggeration, there is no doubt that this election is… Read more »

Climatic Moments: Obama And Romney Battling To The Bitter End

Obama and Mitt Romney Battling Until Very End

With Election Day less than 24 hours away, the battle continues between Obama and Romney until the bitter end. In an effort to entice voters to swing in their direction, each candidate held events in four states, according to Business Line. Obama and Romney continue commenting on each other’s campaign promises as they make attempts… Read more »